Most people want to make some changes in our lives a little bit. Include more things that are positive, and most often, we spend quite some time deciding the type of lifestyle we want before we make those changes. It is about planning what we want in the future and how we see ourselves. 

There are a few key people that can help us make those changes too. Therapists, a health coach, personal trainers, business mentors, and even manifestation coaches. It is all about what you need. But a lot of the work will need to be done by you. 

What could be better than feeling healthy, content, and working on your mental health when it comes down to it? Not much! So what changes can you make that will help you on the road to bringing all of that good stuff?


Millions of people are finding the balance, clarity, and joy that meditation can bring. However, it is a process; one meditation session won’t bring you everything you want. When most people start meditation, they notice that their brains are noisy. Many more thoughts drift in and out then they knew about. Guided meditation sessions, with a shorter length, can help you get used to meditating. Meditation has links to lower stress levels and lower anxiety too.

Even as little as 5 minutes of meditation a day can bring you a lot of peace and relaxation. You can repeat a mantra to yourself or follow the guide. It is about what feels best to you. 


It is not uncommon for people to have a tricky relationship with food. These can often be helped by speaking to a professional. They can help you get to the root of your relationship issues and break any harmful cycles. 

If you have a great relationship with food, it might be time to simply include some mindfulness over what you eat—taking time to savor the flavors and enjoy the taste more. Become more conscious about where your food comes from, and think about what you cook. 

Being grateful for what we have in the fridge and food cupboard can seem like something wasted if you have tinned food and ready meals, but the nourishment we get is still worth being grateful for. 

Eating mindfully will allow you to slow down a little, enjoy the cooking process, and even enjoy how the foods taste a little more.  When you slow down, you will also notice the moment you are comfortably full, rather than eating a little bit too much or not enough. 

Where possible, try to opt for fresher foods that have less processed ingredients. 


Being negative and complaining a lot can be something that happens without us knowing. When we don’t realize it, we can heavily focus on what we don’t have instead of what we do. It is said that the more you focus on what you don’t have, and the negative in your life, the more negative you bring to yourself, and the more that you find. 

Being grateful for what you have and all of the things that you are able to do can make a big difference to your mindset. 

People who practice gratitude every day have lower blood pressure, a more robust immune system, and more a positive outlook too. 

You can build gratitude into your day-to-day life by repeating three or five things each day that you are grateful for. When you start this, you might feel uncomfortable, but within a few days, you will begin to think of a whole host of things that you are grateful for. 


We are all a little bit guilty of having too much sugar. Unfortunately, there is sugar in almost everything we eat, and it is very addictive. We often aren’t aware of just how much sugar we are consuming because even foods that are labeled as healthy can have more sugar than we might think. 

Some health food bars and orange juice can have more sugar in that ice cream! Consuming less sugar is a process. Initially, you might begin to crave sugar, but in a short space of time, you will see a marked improvement in how you feel, your concentration, and energy levels. 

To have a lifestyle upgrade, sometimes it means looking at everything we are blessed with, making the most of it, and some small changes to how we approach our life. Slowing down, being a little more aware, and looking for the positives.


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Andrea Wilson is a 25-year-old writer and artist who enjoys tea, reading and working out. You can find her in front of a book or at the gym.

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