Summertime is carefree and the living is easy

 You don’t need much in these hot summer days, just the sunshine and some free time. When we think about summer our minds immediately wander to the outdoors and all the fun activities that await us. These are the lazy days of summer when you can enjoy spur of the moment activities that are cheap and easy ways to enjoy good company and good weather.

Here are eight fun and romantic ideas to get you going:


Take a drive – roll down your windows and turn up the volume to your favorite playlist. Take the back roads enjoying the scenic view and you never know where you might end up!

Go on a picnic – pack some wine and cheese and head to your favorite park or woods and have a picnic. Stretch out on a blanket and look up at the sky dreaming the day away.

Go to an outdoor concert – going to an outdoor venue while eating, drinking, and listening to good music can be fun and relaxing.

Go for a hike – put on your favorite walking boots and grab the hand of someone special and go for a walk in the woods. While it is good exercise, holding hands and walking through fields of wildflowers can be one of the most romantic things ever.

Wine tastings – taking a day trip to a winery is a fun way to spend the day eating snacks and tasting wine in the middle of a nowhere.

Berry pickings – enjoy the fruits of summer and go berry picking. Whether it’s blueberries, raspberries, or strawberry fields forever, you can enjoy eating your hard labors when you are done!

Coffee shops – pick a favorite coffee place and order your favorite latte and sit on the patio sipping good coffee and enjoying good conversation.

Outdoor movie – a fun and romantic way to spend the evening sitting close, making out and watching a movie under the moonlight.

While there are many fun activities to do in these warm summer months the most important thing to remember is spending the day with someone special while doing nothing except just being together. It is the simple things, the small moments we remember the most.


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