Relationships are always going to be tough. They take work. Even when you see the most blissfully happy people in life, don’t ever believe that they are happy all of the time. Because everybody has their moments and they know that they have to work at it.

What happens when you find that you have an issue within your relationship that makes things so much harder? This is what it can feel like when you’re in a toxic relationship. A lot of the time, you will feel like you’re trying and trying and trying, but not really getting anywhere. So what do you do?

Well, you do have to ensure that you’re being as patient as possible. Although it’s not overly ideal, you do have to work extra hard if you’re going to get anywhere with it. Sometimes, problems won’t be able to be fixed – and you’ll have to accept that too. But, as long as you’re aware that relationships take work and you’re happy to work for it, even some of the most challenging toxic situations can be improved. So let’s take a look at seven solutions that you could turn to.


First of all, you’re going to want to make sure that your communication lines are strong. There can be many reasons why a relationship is toxic or goes through a toxic period, and communication can be a cause of that. If you’re just not listening to each other, or even trying to understand each other, then you have an issue. So if you really want to make it work, then step back and start to work on your communication. You’ll be surprised by how effective this can be.

Pinpoint The Problem

Next, you’re then going to want to see if you can identify what the issue is. Because there is always going to be something, or a few things, that are causing the toxicity. Solving relationship issues is tough, but see these tips to try and work through them. You will find it you identify what is causing the problem, you’ll have a better chance at getting things on track.

Know What You Want

It’s also important to make sure that you know what you want. Because maybe the reason things are toxic between the two of you, is that you’re not getting what you want out of the relationship – and there’s friction as a result. So sit down and be real with yourself, then think about what you really need from the relationship.

Be Willing To Make It Work

You also have to be really honest with yourself about whether you want it to work. Because if you want to fix your issues, or even mend a broken relationship, you have to be willing to do what it takes. Sometimes, you will need to actually get your partner back, so check this blog for tips on that. Then you have to be willing to put the work in to make it happen.

Spend Some Time Apart

When things are getting too much, you may also want to step back and be away from each other for a while. You can sometimes find that you’re able to see things clearly and work out the changes you need to make when you’re apart. Stepping out of the situation can really do wonders for working out the worries.

Make Big Changes

You may also need to be willing to really compromise and make huge changes to your life and your relationships. To improve your relationship, view these ideas to work out what could be right for you. But if you love the person and you want to be able to stay with them, you will have to be willing to change.

Admit That It’s Time To Walk Away

As hard as it can seem, sometimes you do have to just realize that things aren’t meant to be. It can be tough, but if you’re not giving it your all and you don’t even want to try, then you need to walk away. Sometimes, the toxic side of things just stays. When you can work out what’s wrong, and you’re not willing to compromise to make things work, then you are going to just have to admit that you need to stop trying and both move on. It could be for the best.

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