The clocks have finally gone back and the evenings are getting darker, which can only mean one thing – winter is coming. With just over 6 weeks to go until winter is here, it’s time to start thinking about how you can do more to look after yourself during the colder months.

6 Ways to Look After Your Health This Winter

Whether you want to stay fit and healthy or prevent yourself catching a cold, here are 6 ways to keep yourself safe this winter:

Wrap Up and Keep Your House Warm

With temperatures dropping it’s important that you stay warm at all times. This means keeping your heating on at home, closing your curtains to keep the heat in, drinking lots of hot drinks and wrapping warm up when you leave the house. Bring out the comfortable blankets, chunky knits and cozy gloves, you’re definitely going to need them.

Eat More Fruit and Vegetables

During the colder months, your immune system has to fight even harder to fight off infections like the common cold and the flu. To help your body fight, it’s important you keep up a nutritional diet, especially with so many sweet treats around! Enjoying treats in moderation and eating a fulfilled winter diet of fruit, vegetables, and protein will ensure your body is ready to recover from anything the season throws at it!

Locate Your Nearest Doctors and Urgent Care Center

With the likelihood of you catching a cold or the flu heightened winter, it’s important you know where your local doctors and urgent care centers are located. Why not check whether there is a Grand View Urgent Care center local to you?

Try New Activities or Exercises

With the evenings getting darker and the weather getting colder, your motivation to work out might be a little low. Try picking up a new activity or exercise to encourage yourself to continue through the winter months. If you’re struggling to stay motivated try to get yourself into a routine of getting out and doing just a little bit of exercise – whether it is walking up the stairs instead of taking the lift or going for a daily walk.

Get More Rest

Even though nights are longer during winter, your sleep can actually suffer. Try to aim a consistent 7-8 hours of sleep every night, even if it means going to bed earlier than you’re used to. If 6-8 hours is not possible, try keeping it so that your wake-up times are consistent every single day. This will help keep you in a routine and ensure you’re ready for anything!

Drink Lots of Water

You may not feel like you need to drink lots of water when it’s cold outside, but it’s so important to make sure you’re still drinking the recommended 2 liters every day to avoid dehydration.  Many people often forget this as they don’t feel as thirsty as they would during the warmer months, but keeping yourself hydrated helps prevent skin problems that are caused from the drop in temperature and blustery winds.

How do you stay safe and warm during winter?

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