Your home is your haven, so you want it to be as relaxing and stress-free as possible. But often, you’ll be promoting negative energy without even realizing it. This negative energy can have a huge impact on both your mental and physical wellbeing. So how do you remove it effectively? Well, there are several methods that you can use.

If you’re not sure where to start with this, however, then it may feel a little daunting. To help guide you, here is a brief guide as to 6 techniques that you can use to help remove all of the negative energy from your home:

Open All The Windows

One of the first steps that you can take to remove the energy is to open all the windows in your home and let the air flow through. This fresh air will make each room feel wonderful and less claustrophobic. 

This is particularly beneficial in the spring/summer as your home starts to heat up. Stagnant energy can be overwhelming. So ensure that you do this regularly to avoid it.

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter 

When your home is disorganized and cluttered it will make it feel unwelcoming and stressful – which therefore promotes negative energy. However, a cluttered home isn’t only unpleasant to live in, but it can also be dangerous as it will have several tripping hazards. To make the space calmer and more open, consider getting rid of items that you no longer use.

Try a Harmonizer

Another way of removing negative energy from your home is to try a plug-in harmonizer – such as the geo clense. When used in conjunction with the above it can prove to be very useful. Neutralizing the energy and counteracting electromagnetic and radiation frequencies emitted by devices, it could change the energy in each room. 

Consider Investing in Crystals

Many people claim that by placing crystals around your home, they will produce positive energy and shut out any negative ones. Each crystal holds its own type of energy. For example, Black Tourmaline is said to dissolve and ward off negative energy in the space you place it. 


Spend some time looking at the different crystals available and what they can do for your space. Many people opt for crystals, along with a soothing incense burner, essential oils or candles

Rearrange Items of Furniture 


A technique that many people use to freshen up their space and make it feel far more relaxing is to rearrange items of furniture. This could be as simple as moving your couch to the other side of your living room or your bed – whatever you can do to change up the area. Giving new life to your home, it will feel brand new.

Purchase House Plants

House plants are a wonderful way to emit oxygen and bring a beautiful touch of nature into your home. A trend that’s popular globally, the moment you purchase a Yucca, Fern or similar house plant you’ll start to feel the difference. 

Final Thoughts

So, there you go! Those are 6 simple ways that you can remove energy from your home. What you decide to do, of course, is up to you. But whichever technique that you use, your home will start to feel more calm and serene in no time at all. 

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