Every daughter’s first love, every son’s superhero, Santa Claus to his children and pillar of positive strength for his family: that’s a father for you. Fathers are usually the backbone of your family. They are the ultimate givers- they only give, do not ask or demand anything. They are the silent and strong figures for their family. It is a common scene in a family where children take their anger out at their mother; mother instead lashes out her frustration at her husband. In this whole scenario, what option does a father has? He takes it all in, smiles and makes plans for a perfect, fun weekend for his family.

A father plays many roles for his children. He is a coach to his son and teaches him soccer. He is that perfect aunt that comes to visit his daughter’s cute little tea party. He can be strict as a principal and makes rules and restrictions for his kids, and he can also be a clown for his kids on their birthdays. A father is so much more than just a financial support for a family. But we usually take him for granted. Assuming he is our Superman, it does not occur to us that the also need a shoulder to lean on once in a while. So try and be that shoulder for your father, tell him to let loose and it is okay not to be strong at every second of life.

There would be nothing worse for a father whose children do not understand his love and compassion for the family. Always be grateful to him for all his love, affection, fun, and sacrifices that he has made for his family. Be considerate towards him. That is all a father desires.  There are different ways of showing your gratitude towards him. Some meaningful and thoughtful presents are a perfect way of showing how much he means to you and that you are thankful to him. Listed below are some of the things that you can plan on giving to your father:


Not just any vacation, plan a unique vacation for your father which he can cherish it for a lifetime. If you know your father enough, you would know about his planned-and-then-abandoned trips. You can ask your mother or your father’s friends about his dream destinations and dream adventures which he might have had when he was young. Plan a trip for him to those places so he can relish all the lost time of his youth. it would make him realize that all the responsibilities and sacrifices of his life did not fade from away his originality.

A memory box:

A box full of love, memories, and gratitude will bring back a million memories of all the love you have shared over so many years. Start with the pictures of his childhood, his young days, and the picture showing his passions and dreams, pictures of when he was dating your mom, wedding pictures and when you came along. Put down all your favorite pictures like when he taught you how to walk, talk, play, write, and much more. You can make these memories in the form of a photo album, a presentation, or a framed collage.


Jewelry is the most special gift you can give your father. This is a perfect gift, especially when if there is a special occasion like your father’s 50th birthday or your parents 25th Jewelry is the symbol of how precious this relationship is to you. You can check the collection at https://www.frostnyc.com/ to choose the kind of ring, watch or chain you want to buy for your father.


A true handwritten letter written with love can movie your father to tears. Pour out all your love in the letter, telling him how much he means to you, how much you appreciate everything he has done for his family. This expression of love will mean the world to him. There is nothing more beautiful thing for parents than to be appreciated and valued by their children.


Give your father the gift of technology. Get him the latest smartphone, a tablet or a laptop and make sure that he learns to use these gadgets. Make him an account on Facebook, or Instagram and teach him how to use it. He can get to learn stuff, connect with old friends and make new friends over these social media websites. They can also learn to video call which can bring them in regular contact and closer to their loved ones. Apart from communication, they can play games online and organize their stuff on their gadget. Most importantly, they develop with time which is very important for them at this age.

Something from the past:

Recreating something from the past that will not only regenerate the memories but will even strengthen your bond as a family. If the best memory you have had as a family was playing volleyball on the beach or camping under the stars, or even making a castle of pillows and watching favorite Disney movies; remake those memories by again doing the same stuff. They will be more fun when you do it being an adult. Being a grown-up as you usually have very less time for your family. So make sure that you make the best use of that time and spend this kind of quality time with your father. This inculcates in them a feeling of still being wanted and needed by their kids.

Role of a father in a child’s life is like a guiding light in the darkest of times. Do go to your father for taking important decisions or at the times of need when you are in confusion or stuck in a problem. It makes them feel significant and they get a sense of satisfaction that they still have an important place in the hearts of their children.

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