Infertility has become a common issue today as millions of couples across the globe struggle to conceive. Poor lifestyle is one of the major causes that hamper the ability to get pregnant. People eat unhealthy, breathe in the polluted air and drink contaminated water today. The exposure to environmental pollutants impacts the hormonal balance and causes several fertility-related issues. Infertility in such cases is easily treatable if you make certain positive lifestyle changes. Here are some natural ways that can help you enhance your fertility and improve your chances of conceiving:

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Eat healthy

Poor dietary habits are perhaps the key cause of all health issues, including infertility. If your diet is lacking in the right nutrients, then you are not doing any favor to your pregnancy hormones. Eat plenty of green vegetables and fruits, lean protein, low-fat dairy and whole grains to get on the right track. Foods high in antioxidants such as zinc and folate make the mainstay of fertility-restoring diet. If you are still not getting enough from food, opt for supplementation and this is a good place to start. Start taking folic acid, zinc, selenium, vitamin B6 and B12 and omega-3 fatty acid supplements to improve your chances.

Maintain an ideal weight

Besides eating unhealthy, not having an ideal weight is something that can disrupt your attempts to have a baby. People who weigh too less or too much are more likely to have a poor fertility status, and this applies to both men and women. Following a sedentary lifestyle is the main reason for obesity, which is a major risk factor for infertility. The best way to get to an ideal weight is to start moving. Those who are underweight, on the other hand, need to work on fitness goals too by emphasizing the right nutrition and exercises.

Abstain from smoking and alcohol  

Another measure that you can take to boost your fertility is by abstaining from smoking and alcohol. Both of them can impact your hormones and deprive you of the joy of parenthood. Alcohol upsets the estrogen levels and affects the process of implantation. Tobacco, on the other hand, impairs the egg and sperm quality and also hampers fertilization. So if you are planning to conceive or already struggling with it, ditch the peg and kick the butt for improving your chances.

Steer clear of pollutants

As environmental pollutants have a direct influence on the quality of eggs and sperms, be careful about what you eat, drink and inhale. Switch over to organic foods so that you can steer clear of pesticides and preservatives. Chemicals used in improving the crop have been scientifically proved to be harmful to male infertility and female ovarian function. Similarly, be sure that you are drinking clean, untreated water. Also, reevaluate your workplace safety and consider a change if you are being exposed to hazardous chemicals and pollutants there.

Go for a cleanse- inside and outside 

Detoxify your life as a whole, your body, your mind, and your home. Start with a detox therapy to get rid of the toxic substances that are lodged within your body. Take a detox diet to clear them out naturally. Purging your mind of negative thoughts and emotions is equally important to prepare your body to conceive. Similarly, there is a need to have a look at your home and eliminate everything that is toxic, from paints to kitchen cleaners, cosmetics and any other harmful chemicals you are using as a part of your daily lifestyle.

Try alternative healing 

Several fertility treatments claim to treat you magically and many of them can, but it is better to try alternative healing first. Try holistic therapies such as yoga, meditation, massage and acupuncture to relieve minor issues that may be hampering your fertility. Yoga, in particular, can help a lot as it keeps your weight in check and heals specific organs effectively. Meditation and deep breathing exercises can relieve stress, which can be another reason that you are unable to conceive. Similarly, herbals remedies and acupuncture have been revered for ages for their curative benefits.

A healthy lifestyle is the mainstay of natural healing, whether it is for fertility-related problems or any other health issues. The key lies in knowing the root cause of infertility in your case and trying to address it naturally first. If your problem is lifestyle-generated, these changes can certainly make a difference. However, if you suffer from genetic or structural issues, medical treatment will be needed. Still, these positive changes can make all the difference to the efficacy of your treatment.

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