Sometimes looking back at the past can teach you how much you have learned. 

By accident, I discovered dozens of quotes I had written over 5 years ago and found these six lessons that are important to living a quality life.

Be patient in life, especially when it comes to love. You may be ready, but the other person may need time.

It’s true. Timing is everything. If you are at a different season in life than another person, it might just be the wrong time.

Without hardship, you would never know just how strong of a person you truly are.

Despite the pain and hurt that go along with some experiences, these are sometimes the ones that strengthen you the most.

Do not give up. The beginning is always the hardest.

It’s all about taking that first step. Take a deep breath, then take the plunge. You can do it!

It’s amazing how taking one negative person out of your life can make it so much better.

Negative people can be like weeds when it comes to your personal growth. Sometimes it becomes necessary to remove them from your life.

Some relationships are toxic. They do nothing but suck the life out of you. Sever those ties once you realize they have that effect on you.

Just as budding plants need sunlight and oxygen, you need the right environment to grow. Toxic relationships do nothing but impede improvement.

You can search high and low, but you’ll never find what you’re looking for until you find yourself first.

The desire for love is something that is instilled in everyone. You will never know if someone is right for you until you discover who you really are.



There are many good things in life just waiting for you to discover. Take the risk, and make the decision to take whatever actions necessary to make these opportunities possible.

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