Running doesn’t always have the best of reputations. Some people see it as, well, pretty pointless (this, of course, isn’t true – it’s great for your all-round health!); some see it as the most boring form of exercise you can do. Others see as just something not worth pursuing. However, people that invest in things such as Vessi waterproof shoes with the intent of getting into running will always be successful as long as they fully put their mind to it and climb all obstacles in front of them.

But I’m here to say: NO! To all of these things.

Below, I take a look at five ways you can make running more enjoyable. You might just find that you’re signing yourself up for a marathon in no time….

Load Those Tunes

If you aren’t already running along to music, then what have you been doing all this time? You’ve been missing out. If you live in an urban area, it’s the single best way to get “in the zone,” which is essential when it comes to running for extended periods of time. It’s much better to run along to tunes rather than the conversations of passersby or the beeping of car horns! What music you choose will be up to you, but we personally recommend something with a bit of energy – it’ll help you squeeze out that extra mile when your body begins to say no.

Take Away The Pain

Running is enjoyable, but it can be painful – or at least it can be in the early days, or if you don’t really know the right technique. Begin by investing in the best running gear, and get an insole that works for you – this explains some of the problems you may encounter if you don’t. You’ll always benefit from making sure you’re properly warmed up before running (it’ll help prevent injuries), and having a post-run routine (that’ll help prevent the muscle pain that usually presents itself the day after running).

Find a Club

It’s fun to run alone sometimes, but most people who make the switch to running in a group rarely look back. You can join a local running club, for instance – they’ll expose you to new ways and places to run, and you’ll be able to socialize as you go, too. If you’re not quite ready for a running club just yet, consider jogging with a friend. They’ll motivate you to go further and harder, and you’ll be able to get in some quality together time that can be so difficult to arrange when everyone’s so busy.

Time Yourself

But who says you need other people – why not race against yourself? If you begin to time yourself, you’ll have the motivation you need to get up off the sofa and go again. You’ll be trying to beat your previous time! There’s nothing quite like finishing a run knowing you’ve just reached your personal best.

Mix Up The Route

If you’re always running the same stretch of land, then it won’t be too long before boredom sets in. To keep things fresh, focus on mixing up the route you’re taking every now and again. Changing your view is one of the best ways to prevent running fatigue from setting in.


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