When a disconnect is felt in your creative life, it can be daunting to find out the reason behind it. We are always full of questions, we are always looking for the ultimate reasons behind why or why not we have a creative block.

To find the answers to the above, the first thing I do is not to put a lot of thought into the questions as that just perpetuates the cycle of ‘what ifs’ inside my head.


Go outside: It is one of the best things we can do for ourselves for many reasons. I know I do not do this enough, so this is a work- in-progress topic for me. Sit on your back patio, take walks when the nights are cooler and enjoy the night sky and the beauty of everything around you.


Surround yourself with loved ones. Family, friends, and pets. Cuddle your spouse. Kiss your child. Huddle up with your pet. These all can be very creatively moving and invigorating. To be reminded of pure love and unconditional relationships can move you to a whole new state of being.


Watch your favorite TV shows or movies, read your favorite book, listen to your favorite songs and write in your journal. This is another way to re-charge your battery. From experience, this is very strong and powerful. One song can change your entire mood and is the best form of medicine I know and take regularly. So, watch, read, listen and write. And your creative side just might become active or at the very least, intrigued.


Express your love and gratitude. Every single person I have ever met always feels better and more validated when they are acknowledged by others. It is that space inside of us that just needs to hear ‘I love you’ or ‘I miss you.’ Show your gratitude for your day to day Life –practice writing them down, and do this daily or weekly. Acknowledging what you are blessed with will help you have more contentment and appreciation.


Learning a new skill is another way to find yourself and re-connect with your creative side. We all work best when there is something to work for or something to strive for. So, pick a subject you would like to learn more about. It doesn’t have to be directly “creative” but can jumpstart that side of you.


These can return you to a state of understanding yourself better and reconnect you to your creative path. Do not force yourself to learn a lesson or connect to something or practice a trait you cannot find inside you. Life is teaching and leading you for a reason, in the very best timing that is necessary.

Trust, Allow, Feel.



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Renee Furlow is a seasoned writer and offers spiritually-based services as the “Unique-tivity Guide” at her successful site “Catch A Falling Star” where she shares her writings and reflections. Her site is also home to the “Magic Musepirations”, where others’ work is displayed and is published monthly. Currently, she has two short eBooks available on Amazon, with more planned and is writing her poetic memoir, due out in 2016.

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