Do you constantly try setting yourself goals that end up seeming out of reach? It could be time to change your strategy. Often people set themselves up to fail because they’re attempting to achieve the wrong goals or too many at once.

Instead, it’s important to break your goals down into manageable tasks and learn to prioritize these according to a timeframe. Your level of motivation is key as well, and there are self-reflection activities you can try to improve this.

Here are five quick tips for finally setting attainable goals.


Learn to prioritize

Learning to prioritize tasks is an effective way to increase productivity at work and the same goes for your personal goals. You need to prioritize your goals in order of importance. It’s not worth setting goals for yourself that aren’t particularly urgent right now. Think of your motivation and reasons behind the goals to figure out which are really important to you. You can then come up with a realistic plan in order to achieve them.

Set a timeframe

The SMART goals model is very useful. It stresses that every goal needs to be measurable and have its own deadline. This makes it easier to track your progress and finally get where you want to be. When you set goals for yourself, break them down into measurable tasks and assign a timeframe for each. This will be very motivating. Don’t be afraid to make adjustments to your own deadlines, in fact, this is much better than giving up.

Do your homework

When setting your goals, do some research into the resources that you’ll need to achieve them. By figuring out what you need to, or identifying the people involved, you’ll be able to come up with a realistic timeframe. For example, if your goal is to give up an addiction or bad habit, find out about demerol addiction treatment and how it works. Look into the specific factors that will affect how long it might take to resolve the issue.

Look to the past

There are plenty of benefits of self-reflection. Look to the past and try to understand why you didn’t manage to achieve certain goals and why. Success and failure go hand-in-hand and each attempt is an important step towards victory. It’s also good to remember back to when you were more productive and what motivated you at the time. This will help you learn from the past and use it to set future goals. 

Celebrate your achievements

Always maintain a positive attitude and celebrate all achievements, big or small. This is why it’s beneficial to break goals down into individual milestones. You can reward yourself when you reach each one. It’s important to be mindful of all the great things you’ve achieved as this will motivate you to continue. If you’re having difficulties with this, there are even exercises to mindfully appreciate your accomplishments. Remind yourself of what got you here today and it’ll help you set more attainable goals for the future.

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