Thinking of summer, makes me reflect on the things that are simply better in summer. And here are my top five. 

As winter finally hits us here in Australia, my mind wanders to my friends in the United States who are just starting their summer. I’ve been a surfer all of my life, and summer is definitely my favourite time of year. I’m not a big fan of the cold, and my preferred outfit of shorts and t-shirts just doesn’t cut it for the cold periods of the year.

Clearly, sitting on a surfboard in the crystal clear water is a much better experience in summer, unlike winter where you are shackled by the weight of a wetsuit, feeling like you are in a constant battle of a teeth-chattering battle of survival.


1- Making the most of the day. This is a bit of a no-brainer really; the days are longer so we should be making the most of them. The sun rises earlier and the sun sets later. Many parts of the world embrace daylight saving bringing the day forward and extending the latter part of the day. We are more inclined to get up early and get productive as the sun streams through our curtains in the morning than we are in winter when the greyness that surrounds us extends to our mindset and we stay in bed. We accomplish more things in summer and in our summer days.

2- Winding down at the end of the day. After a productive day at work, there is nothing better than winding down as the sun starts to set. Having a quiet chat with friends as the sun retreats for the day is one of life’s simple pleasure, and this is typified in a beach-side bar overlooking the water as it picks up the wonderful colours of the day’s closure. Compare that to a quiet chat in the dark, huddled around a gas heater, trying to stay warm. I know where I would rather be. Summer makes our daily wind down just so much better.

3- Getting Outdoors. The feeling we get from being outdoors in summer is one that cannot be replicated in winter. Families take to the parks and play, friends congregate to BBQ and Grill, we exercise in the parks. It’s just better in the summer. It’s shorts and t-shirts weather and it’s great to be outside.

4- Being Barefoot. Being barefoot in summer is unadulterated joy. A joy that grounds you as you dig your toes into the grass, into the soil, into the sand. And it’s a joy that is not possible in the deepness of winter. Even around the house becomes slipper territory, those fluffy bunnies or sheepskin woollies that seem stuck on our feet. Yet in summer that sensual experience of being able to walk around in bare feet, grounding and re-uniting us with the earth.

5- Holding Hands. Being in love is just nicer in summer. Affection is hard between 5 layers of clothing. The simple act of holding hands, just doesn’t create the spark in winter as firstly we have mittens or gloves to deal with and then our mind is telling us our hands are better off in our pockets. Not so in summer, where holding hands is skin contact fuelling the sparks for the love we feel.

That’s it then. My top 5. Many things are just better in summer. Swimming, getting fit, cycling, hugging, walking along the beach, eating ice-cream…. the list could almost be endless. But I am interested in what your top 5 would be.

Please share your top five and let’s get an appreciation list for summer. And for me, personally. That will help me endure my Australian winter. To endure winter enables you to appreciate summer even more.

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