School has finished for the year meaning more of the family at home and A LOT more free time. Although some would prefer going out or spending time with their friends over spending time with their family, there are plenty of activities that are simple and fun for all capable of providing memories to last the ages. Here are 5 activities perfect for school holidays. Family movie day: Whether it’s at home on the couch or at a cinema, family, sugar filled snacks and a movie is a great and simple way to relax. With movies of all kinds released on a somewhat regular basis there is truly a great range of movies available for any mood or preference. At the rate movie streaming and rental options are evolving, family movie days become easier options now with dvd rental machines now existing in various shopping centres. Arts and crafts: More of an option for families with younger children or even children at heart, arts and crafts is a great way to get the family working together. Supplies often being cheap means you can have endless family fun without putting a dent in your wallet. On top of it’s low cost it can also have great sentimental value with crafted items making for some great memories. Bowling: Who doesn’t love a bit of friendly competition!? Bowling or other similar activities such as mini golf or even laser tag are a great way to spend some holiday time. Because such activities are designed for families, family members of all ages are able to participate without any specific amount of skill required to have fun. And if someone ends up really enjoying it you can keep them busy looking up all sorts of bowling ball reviews or videos online. It could even become a holiday tradition over time. Theme/amusement park: Amusement parks are the most costly option on this list but are a great way to spend an entire day. Roller Coasters, water slides, park experiences and everything in between allow fun for all ages as longs as you can keep going. With food options of all kind often available, people are able to refuel and keep going as long as their enthusiasm or pass may allow. Camping: Camping is often an acquired taste. The thought of sleeping in a tent, preparing your own food, being out in the middle of nowhere and without an internet connection is enough to put most people off, but it is, however, a great way for a family to bond. Where you’re camping and whatever conditions you are facing can require people to rely heavily on others to put up tents, cook/prepare food and pack up when it’s time to leave. This a great way to learn valuable life experience and spend uninterrupted time with your family. There are lots of fun activities you can do in the outdoors too. If you enjoy being in fresh air, check out vallea lumina Whistler, it’ll be a fantastic experience. These are just 5 activities that came to mind, there are plenty of activities to chose from. Options are available for families of all sizes, at a range of cost and for whatever you may be in the mood for. With travel/activities and family being every growing topics on countless blogging websites, a little bit of research can go along way when it comes to finding a fun activity to do these holidays.

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