Can you believe it’s already May?! Are you trying to lose weight in 2019? If so, you may be wondering what you can eat that is healthy and easy! It has been reported that many people gain weight due to the fact that they don’t know what to snack on.

Below you will find 5 on the go snacks that will help you keep the weight off and not have to feel guilty for treating yourself to a snack.

Frozen Grapes:

Frozen grapes are an easy snack for you to take with you wherever you go, especially in the summertime! All that you need to do for this snack is put a small bowl filled with grapes in the freezer for about an hour. After the grapes are frozen, take them out of the freezer and place them in a bag or tupperware and you are ready to go!

The great thing about frozen grapes is that you have to make more of an effort to chew the grapes. With that being said, your mouth and jaw will get tired and you won’t want to eat as many!

P3 Snacks:

P3 snacks are full you guessed it, 3 healthy snacks! These prepacked Oscar Mayer products are already portioned for you. The packs are designed to be filled with nuts, premium cut meats, and cheese. These packs have only 160 calories each! This snack should keep you full for a few hours. For more information on this product check out


Trail Mix:

Do you like to have a snack that is a surprise every time you take a bite? Trail mix always has different textures with every bite! There are so many different types of trail mix that you can buy at your local grocery store. If you decide to buy a “family size” bag of trail mix, just be sure to portion out the mix into different bags. The ideal serving size for trail mix would be about ¼ of a cup. You can even grab some of your favorite low-calorie snacks and portion them in a bag for you to enjoy!   


Smoothies are so much fun to make! This snack gives you the freedom to choose the healthy foods that you know and love! In order to make your own smoothie, choose about 2 or 3 fruits and veggies that you love along with some yogurt and ice! If you are too busy to make a homemade smoothie, I encourage you to look up smoothie shops around you that way you can just order and enjoy.

Smoothies are guaranteed to keep you full and will make your body happy with all of the healthy ingredients you are putting in your body.    

Yogurt Cup:

Yogurt cups are great to have on to go when you are looking to eat something small but filling. Many people will buy premade yogurt cups from the store which are perfect if you don’t have much time in your busy life.

If you happen to have some time to make your own yogurt, it can be so much fun! All you need to do is grab a tub of yogurt that you enjoy along with some fruits. If you like to add a little crunch to your palate, try adding some granola!

In order to package your yogurt to be able to travel with you on the go, grab some plastic cups with a lid along with some spoons and you are good to go! Once you finish your yummy yogurt cup, you can just throw it in the trash!

These 5 healthy snacks will help you feel less guilty about what you are putting in your body and will help you be successful in attempting to keep the weight off in 2019. If you are serious about losing weight this year, I challenge you to try these tasty on the go snacks!

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