People with a good sense of humor take things lightly, and they see the humor in everything, including absurdities of life. A good sense of humor allows people to cope with pain, stress, and even increases their chance of finding a mate. A good sense of humor isn’t something natural to everyone, but anyone can learn and develop it. If you are here because you want to know how you can enhance your sense of humor, you’ve come to the right place. Kindly read on to see how.

1. Learn to Laugh at Yourself

Laughing at yourself is an act that gives you inner peace and makes you kind to yourself. Check out Assignment Geek to see other reasons to laugh at yourself. It isn’t easy as it seems, but you can learn it. Once you master this act successfully, you’ll naturally become humorous to yourself and other people. To begin your learning on this act, you must practice self-awareness and self-acceptance. Also, you need to be kind with all the judgments you pass on yourself.

2. Laugh at Others (within reason)

Your sense of humor will improve when you laugh at others. However, you need to be extremely careful about this practice. We don’t expect you to laugh at the misfortune of other people. You should laugh only at minor things. If your friend forgets his or her birthday, for instance, you can laugh at his or her forgetfulness together. If you notice that a particular person dislikes it when you laugh at him or her, kindly let things be and laugh at other people who understand that you aren’t making jest of them.

3. Keep an Ear Out for “Benign” Humor

You need to watch out for humor in almost everything you hear. Watch out for humor in conservations, movies, comedies, and so on. Some humor can hurt some people, so you have to stick only to the pleasant ones. Avoid jokes on gender bais, racism, and other issues that can cause provocation. Prepare your mind for humor everywhere you go and try to learn from all the ones you come across.

4. Learn a Variety of Jokes

It’s almost impossible to have a sense of humor without knowing a variety of jokes. You should learn jokes that center on politics, religion, marriage, etc. Read comic books and listen to jokes from people. It’ll help you to know how you can quickly come up with jokes on your own.

5. Actively Look for a Laugh Every Day

Seek opportunities to laugh every day. Laughter will make you look humorous to people around you. It will assist you in revealing the hidden humor in you. If you want to laugh every time, deliberately go to places where amusing things happen, and stay around humorous people.


Life can be full of challenges, but a good sense of humor will assist you in going through difficulties with a happy face. Follow the guides in this article to enhance your sense of humor.

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