Often enough, we come across people, or we become people, who seem stuck — in the sense that, we have big dreams, lofty ambitions, but are not where we want to be yet.  Well, like all things in life, it starts within.  It starts with us, it starts now.  NOW is all there is, really.

The present moment offers opportunity, learning, growth, challenges, and understanding.  NOW offers forward motion.  We never want to go backwards.  NOW offers that sublime connection to the divine, to the universe, to all that is.  To spend our days fretting about the past or living in the future robs us of the magic in each new moment.  Each moment is ripe with possibility; endless possibilities, dependent on our choices.  But we miss all of this if we’re stuck in our heads.

5 Simple Ways to Start Living Your Dreams Now:

Start with accepting your current situation: your life, your work, your health, your relationships, everything.  See them for exactly what they are, nothing more and nothing less.  Really look at yourself and your life, even the icky bits.  Accept the reality in the current moment, without judging yourself.  Sometimes, this brings up emotions from the past…disappointments, doubts, frustration, pain.  Allow it.  Let it cycle through.  This is a great opportunity to learn, cleanse, and then shift your focus to what you DO want in your life.

Make Changes
Now, you should clearly see what may be holding you back.  Change what you can, learn to accept and make peace with what you can’t.  Change is a part of life.  We are constantly evolving.  Learn to flow with changes; resist and we invite suffering.  We become stagnant.  And most changes…happen within our own minds, if we allow it.

Our creativity is our greatest tool; it propels us, it inspires us, it fills us with a sense of wonder and hope about what’s to come.  It “raises our vibe.”  Visualize everything that you want to see in your life…learn to use your “extra senses.”  What that means, for me, is learning to cultivate worlds in your mind’s eye.  Seeing…within your own mind.  See your future, taste it, smell it, touch it with your hands and fingertips.  Feel the emotions, the joy, the relief, the passion of it.  Experience it all, multidimensionally.  Make it real, in your mind.  If you need something pragmatic…it’s been said that the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what we physically experience and what we mentally experience.  In other words, what’s “real” and what’s imagined.  It’s all just experience to the subconscious.  We should be careful not to rehearse worst-case scenarios in our minds then, right?  So create it all beautifully; see your brightest future.  And live and act as that person, right now.

Start Where You Are
So now…get started.  How?  Well, here’s the fun part.  Consider, for a moment, that location and circumstance are irrelevant.  That you can cultivate your behavior, your skill-set, your ways of being…wherever you are.  Consider that the environment that you are in, at the present, is an opportunity to practice.  To build and nourish your inner-environment.  We have opportunities all the time to observe, learn, and grow, through every experience.  Consider that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, to learn what you need to learn.  To practice.  To hone your communication skills, your interpersonal relationships.  To learn patience, grace, empathy, or self-discipline.  To excel at some task that will further your career.  To overcome fears or shyness.  To learn how to set boundaries, to find your voice.  To build your confidence.  If you have the right perspective, you may just be able to dive right in, right where you are, right now…and begin creating your masterpiece.  It’s never too late to change.  Shock them all with your new mindset, your new ethic, your new commitment to integrity — right where you are.  Let them talk, you have a vision to fulfill.  It’s not about them. Consider that you have a higher purpose — to learn.  Regardless of judgments and chatter.

Rest, Reflect, Revise
As we go on, visions may change.  Priorities shift.  Things happen to disrupt us, it’s inevitable.  Walking the human path is an obstacle course.  These bumps in the road are opportunities to step back.  To slow down, rest up, take care of ourselves…and re-evaluate where we are, where we’re going, and what we want.  Revise plans, if necessary.  Always pause to ask yourself…what do I want?  And stay aligned with it.  Stay excited about it.  And seize every opportunity to practice for it.

5 Simple Ways to Start Living Your Dreams Now

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