It’s so easy to become jaded once you’ve been kicked down enough by life. The goal is to believe in a better tomorrow because hope is what keeps us going.

The world is filled with people who say one thing and do another. But remember this, there is always a flipside to everything, for every liar there is someone truthful. As far as people are concerned, people change. They surprise us and not always in a good way.

I once read a quote by Christopher Barzak, “Don’t ever put your happiness in someone else’s hands. They’ll drop it. They’ll drop it every time”, and this has rung true. Very often when we love someone, be it friends, family, lovers, spouses etc., our happiness becomes dependent on them. The day we learn to create our own happiness, the day we become the reason for our smiles, that’s the day we are truly independent.

Here are 5 simple steps to say positive:

1. Be the change you wish to see

So often we get irritated and affected by what we think others should do. Very often expecting someone to do what we consider the right thing affects us and our peace of mind. So, if you think someone isn’t doing something they should and that something is within your power, then do it. It will give you peace.

2. Don’t go to bed leaving fights unsolved

If you’ve had a fight or argument with your friends or family make sure you sort it out before going to bed. Start the next day afresh.

3. Spread love, compassion and kindness

Kindness, like a boomerang, always returns and I feel the same hole true for love and compassion.

4. Let go

Let go of people and situations which hurt you and affect your mental peace.

5. Forgive

The best way to stay positive is to forgive. When we carry ill feelings towards another, nothing happens to them, it’s we who get affected.

“Let no man pull you low enough to hate him” – Martin Luther King, Jr.


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