There’s nothing as frustrating or heartbreaking as waiting for your soulmate. You never know if you’re making the right choices that will lead you to them or drive them away.

You get shattered by people that have no business taking care of your heart. You put yourself out there only to be disappointed time and time again.

It’s hard to stay positive with all the negativity that can surround looking for your person. But, never lose heart because your soulmate is on his way to you. And, he will be all of the things that you’ve been searching for and more.

Your soulmate will…

1. genuinely and unconditionally love you for exactly who you are.

2. make the effort to get you AND to keep you.

3. be your best friend and your biggest supporter.

4. keep his promises.

5. show you off.

6. fiercely protect you in all situations.

7. watch the chick flick you’ve been dying to see.

8. make an effort with your friends and family.

9. pay attention when you talk about your goals and dreams.

10. listen to you vent about the same things over and over again without any complaints.

11. constantly remind you how beautiful and special you are.

12. actually remember things you said and bring them back up at a later date.

13. laugh at your jokes, even when he’s heard them before.

14. remind you of how great you are on the days where you feel like a failure.

15. light up when he gets to talk about you to his friends.

16. miss you when you’re apart.

17. buy you flowers on a random day just because.

18. confide in you and trust you with his biggest secrets.

19. invite you into his circle of friends and show you his world.

20. try out new date night ideas to keep you guessing.

21. forgive you when it’s needed and say sorry when he messes up.

22. share in the silence when rough times hit.

23. hold you when you need an escape from the chaos.

24. stay up all night so you two can talk about your fears.

25. allow himself to be vulnerable around you.

26. respect you enough to always tell you the truth.

27. appreciate your differences and nurture your similarities.

28. never make you feel threatened by another woman.

29. respect your relationship, even when you’re not around.

30. make you laugh when you’re so stressed you want to cry.

31. make you see your potential when you don’t feel confident.

32. support you and stand by you when you take risks.

33. always make an effort to grow WITH you so you don’t grow apart.

34. fight for you and fight beside you.

35. always be on your team.

36. help you see the beauty in every stage of your relationship.

37. make you feel safe and comfortable.

38. help you learn to feel comfortable in your own skin

39. challenge you to never settle in life and to always strive for growth.

40. be dependable and keep his promises.

41. know the importance of fixing the relationship instead of looking elsewhere.

42. not be afraid to tell you when you’re wrong.

43. always be open and honest with you.

44. make sacrifices for you.

45. push you to be your best self.

46. make you realize why it never worked with anyone else. 

Remember, your soulmate is out there, and he’s worth the wait.


“Hope Between Heartbeats” by Liz Newman available on Amazon


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