Tarot card reading is often seen as something either phony or so far beyond someone else’s scope, it’s too intimidating to try. I’m here too, first of all, tell you it is not. Everyone and anyone can read their own tarot cards. It’s like a muscle to be great/or even just considered “good” you have to use it.
You can become a little rusty but, your gut instincts are always there for a reason. They tell us not to go down a dark alley, or that a person in our lives is lying.
Your gut nine times out of ten is not wrong. At least that’s the one rule I’d say use while reading your tarot cards for beginners or seasoned people. Follow your gut! Following my gut with regards to reading for people and using tarot as a tangible tool to explain intangible things in peoples lives cracked my head and spirit open. Here is what I learned.
Follow your gut
Just like I mentioned in the beginning following your gut instinct is something you shouldn’t just do for yourself but, you should do for others. But, what if I don’t know what that is? Well, I tried it. Honestly, I did. Time and time again it never failed me. When I’m driving and I feel like I need to take my time. It’s usually because there is either a cop ahead or some type of accident.
I can’t tell you the countless times that trust in myself has helped me. Building trust in yourself is key here. If, you can’t trust yourself how can you trust the vibes you are picking up off other people? Find your inner voice. How many times a day or you really hear yourself think inside your own head?
Work on yourself
Establish your own self-care routine. You can’t ever pour anything from an empty cup so please do not try.
Don’t tell someone that they need to love themselves if you can’t stomach looking in the mirror yourself and say, “Hey, today I’m fucking awesome and this is why.”
This best way to put this to the test is to do this for a week and see how you feel.
Have a routine with this daily self-care can be as little as brushing your teeth every day, remembering to eat lunch or doing a five-minute meditation with your headspace app. The point is to make time for yourself before opening up to others.
Get Basic Tools
You don’t need to spend a ton of money on different tarot decks. One traditional Rider-Waite is all you really need. I’d also pick up a sage stick to cleanse and clear the energy around you and your cards. You can even grow your own sage plants. Everything and everyone carries energy.
Having these tools to channel through will help you get started. AS you move forward in your spiritual path you may come on at a time where you feel you no longer need your deck.
We all leave our imprints on everything we touch and feel.
Read for yourself first
This goes back to trusting your gut, to build a relationship with your tarot cards you have to form a bond almost with your deck. The deck itself has to get used to your energy. The only way for you to do that is to use it. Don’t think too much just shuffle, pull cards, and write down what you feel when you see the card. Some people go as far as keeping their deck on them at all times. Do what feels the most comfortable for you.
Recognize how the cards play out
Often times in the beginning stages of reading tarot and trusting your gut is you have to not only build a relationship with yourself, your cards and see how all that fits together in your life. It looks like a giant puzzle. But, as you are moving through you have to relate it all back to your life in one cycle.
Until you see a card like the Tower, for example, our mover and shaker card. Which basically means some big shit is going to roll through your life and things will suddenly and violently shift.
You might get fired from a job for example, (hopefully not), but the point is you can look back on your reading that Tower card and say, “That’s my life shift” that was supposed to happen.
You will get better at recognizing these patterns as you go on.
All of these practices when in play made me personally a better tarot card reader, and a better person to myself for myself. They are all simple little things that add up to one big thing- “A bigger spiritual awakening.”
Most of our lives we spend it emotionally and spiritually living surface level and never fully diving deep and asking honest questions with regards to our emotions and what deep connections motivate them and our reactions to them. To dive into that well, we have to accept the person that comes out will be changed.
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Alexa Black is a writer and amateur poet, mother of two beautiful babes, and a wife. She enjoys reading books about empowering women to stand up for themselves and Sci-Fi. Loves nature and sunflowers, Game of Thrones, and a coffee addict. Currently working on her first book of poetry for all to enjoy.

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