The goal of every relationship is to be with the person we love for as long as possible. However, even in obtaining various keys to make the relationship a success, there may be some problems. It is common to have misunderstandings as a couple, but when you realize that your relationship is becoming toxic, it may be time to leave. Leaving is never an easy thing to do, but these four steps will help you to take the right steps to leave a toxic relationship.  

Recognize you are in a toxic relationship

Before you take the step to leave, you should be sure that this indeed a toxic relationship. Suppose your partner is continuously untruthful, does not support you, degrades you, abuses you verbal, physically or mentally, belittles you, or tries to manipulate you. In that case, you might be in a toxic relationship. You might often be in a toxic relationship and not know it, but it may be revealed by people close to you. It is best to try to identify the toxic traits of your relationship yourself by taking some time to reflect on it.  

Express your feelings

After your time reflecting and concluding that you are indeed in a toxic relationship, it is now time to express these feelings to your partner. This conversation is not an easy one to have, but it is a must. When talking to your partner, try to avoid using words that seem to place blame. To do this, avoid saying, “You make me feel…” and instead go for, “I feel sad when you say …” 

If you are worried that the person may not react well to the news (go into a fit of anger or become emotional), you can leave a note or text message. Doing this would allow them to take the necessary time to process what is going on and decide if they want to discuss things with you. Do not force a meeting; your message expressing yourself would suffice.

Make a decision

Now, you have to decide whether you want to fix the relationship or cut clean from it completely. If your partner accepts your words and apologises and you think it worth giving the relationship another chance, you should. You can seek counselling to work on your issues. If you take the step to end it, you can offer friendship, but you are not obliged. However, with married couples, they have to look at either divorce or separation. Whatever decision you make, try to stick with it.

Surround yourself with positivity

Regardless of the decision you have made, it is time to live with it, and the best way is to be surrounded by positivity. Practice self-care such as reading, going out to see friends, exercising, and so on. Also, encourage positive thinking, and follow inspirational and motivational talks. Be around friends and family who support you. When you need it, do not hesitate to ask for help from a therapist. 

With these four steps, you will be able to transform or successfully leave a toxic relationship- but whichever way it goes, you will be at peace and happy.

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