Healing is a process, quite often a slow one riddled with hurt, tears, and realizations. But all that pain is worth the growth we undergo. As I see it these are the 4 steps of healing, which one are you on?


Accept things. Sometimes it’s just wiser to swim with the current. Life happens and sometimes things don’t go your way. People change. They hurt you. They lie. Relationships break and masks fall. Sometimes accepting things for what they are is just simple, pragmatic and necessary.


Forgiving someone is not always easy, even when their apology is genuine. It takes an effort to get over the hurt they’ve caused you. But what about situations where there is no apology? I think it’s those times that forgiving someone becomes even harder. When you’re hurt or have been wronged by someone, it’s easy to be angry/hate. But when anger/hate engulf you, living rent-free in your heart brain they cause you stress.

Feelings like these can have a major impact on your wellbeing and health, both mental and physical. Stress can lead to other things like anxiety, migraines, and headaches and cause you actual harm. So tell me, is it worth it? All that hate or anger? No, right? Eventually, all these feelings harm you and you don’t need that. Why do that to yourself when the person they’re directed at continues life blissfully unaware of everything?

That’s why in these impossible situations you should choose another path. The path to forgiveness. And while this may seem hard at first, you will soon find it liberating to be free from the yoke of all those feelings that were causing you pain. So forgive, not for them but for you. Your peace of mind is what is most important.


This is one of the most difficult steps on the journey to healing. It’s not just telling your heart and mind to move on from the pain, it’s making your heart actually implement it. Throughout the process of healing, your heart and mind may be at odds, but it’s at this point that they have merged as one and cut those strings weighing you down.

And while it’s easier said than done, letting go of things and people that cause you pain is a slow process but it’s like a soothing balm that relieves pain gradually but definitely.


This is simple. Don’t go back to what broke you.

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