So, you just broke up from a long-term relationship… are you confused about what to do now? You may be feeling ready to put yourself out there and let the world know that you’re single and ready to mingle, but are you really ready?

Heartbreak is a common experience in most people’s romantic lives, with about 73% of American men experiencing heartbreak. To be sure you are indeed over your breakup, here are a few indicators.

You are happy by yourself

Enjoying your company after a breakup is a sure sign that you are ready to move on without sulking about the ended relationship. At this point, you never feel the need to occupy the void with a replacement of a new partner immediately. You feel content in carrying out activities you engage in and look forward to spending even more time having fun by yourself. More so, you begin to find mundane activities intensely enjoyable and look forward to enjoying timeout at the beach, taking a simple walk in your neighborhood, or relaxing at home with your favorite Bloom Farms CBD product.

The thought of your ex does not bother you

Quite often, people cannot contain the thought of a partner or lover they just broke up with. The slightest idea of them brings up intense feelings of sadness, regret, or irritation. When you are indeed over the pain of your failed relationship, such negative emotions do not rile you up. That is not to say you are not still in love with them or care any less about them. Instead, the sensations you experience is an indication that your ex-partner holds no upper hand over your emotions, and you are satisfied with the time you had with them.


You are not afraid of loneliness

Sometimes, after a breakup, you tend to appreciate the alone times you get to spend with yourself. The silence does not bother or frustrate you anymore; you are unafraid of spending an entire weekend cooped up at home, watching sitcoms. It may sound paradoxical that this is a sign of moving on after a breakup. Very often, the allure to reach out to the person you broke up with is intense in this period. Fortunately for you, there is no desire to sneak around on their social media pages or call them.


Your interests appeal to you

You may have realized that you had to make sacrifices to accommodate your partner’s interests during your relationship. It is a normal subconscious reaction when you find yourself in love. On the other hand, when that relationship falls on the rocks, you begin to rediscover the things that made you happy before. For example, you may love hiking or bungee jumping, and you look forward to trying them out all over again. 


A breakup is never a good thing, but it is not the end of your romantic life. Fortunately, with time, you tend to discover yourself on a whole new level. Your focus is on your happiness and, more importantly, your well-being. Self-love, at this point, should be of prime importance to you.

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