Aging is, hopefully, something that happens to all of us. We all want to live long lives, but none of us are happy about the idea of getting old. The worst thing about it is that the signs of aging often start to show much sooner than we would like.

We’re not ready to admit that we are getting older yet, we’re still feeling youthful, and living like a young person and yet we wake up in our twenties with our first grey hair, and the fine lines around our eyes and laughter lines around our mouths start to make their appearance as we hit thirty.

Much sooner than you would like, your metabolism starts to slow. Suddenly you can’t eat whatever you want without gaining weight. Hangovers take much longer to recover from, we get injured more easily, and we find it harder to get up after a late night. 

All of this is a perfectly normal part of aging. It’s common to find yourself reaching for the reading glasses before you turn forty, and your body might not be as tight and toned as you would like. As much as we might not enjoy our bodies getting older, it’s normal, and with hard work and exercise, you can limit the effects that age is having on your body.

At the same time, however, not all signs of aging are typical. There are some things that you shouldn’t expect until much later on, if at all and if you start to experience symptoms, you should see your doctor, instead of just putting it down to age. 

Memory Loss

We all forget things sometimes. Most have us have at some point spent an hour looking for our car keys only to find them somewhere completely ridiculous like the fridge. But, when things like this start to happen a lot, or when you find yourself struggling to remember names and words, it’s not just your mind getting older. It could just be a sign of stress, but if rest and relaxation don’t help, see your doctor. 

Hearing Difficulties

Our eyesight often starts to deteriorate sooner than anything else, and it’s often hereditary. But your hearing should be good for a long time to come. It might not be quite as good, but you shouldn’t be able to notice a difference until you are much older. There are plenty of reasons that people need Oticon Hearing Aids, but see someone if you are worried. 


We usually know why we are tired. If you’ve been working harder, exercising more, or your sleep pattern has changed, tiredness is normal. But, if nothing else has changed, it can be a symptom of an underlying condition and is rarely just you getting older. 

Unexplained Weight Changes

As we get older, it does become harder to maintain a healthy weight, that’s normal. But, extreme changes aren’t, without a lifestyle change. If you’ve been eating badly and not exercising as much, weight gain is to be expected. Equally, if you aren’t looking after yourself, weight loss is a common side effect. But, if you’ve lost or gained a lot of weight for no apparent reason, see your doctor. 

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