Reiki is a new-age healing technique. It is based on the idea that the therapist can channel their energy into a patient with or without physically touching them. It’s meant to activate a healing process and help with the patient’s physical and mental well-being.

I decided to give Reiki a try and see what could happen. I have to say that it is absolutely addicting. It feels like the metaphorical weight is lifted off your chest.

Reiki is by no means a replacement for actual medical care. If you’re having suicidal ideation or a serious medical emergency, seek medical help immediately. In the meantime, Reiki might be something worth trying.


  1. Reiki can help with anxiety and stress. Reiki helps to balance the chakras and this can be a huge reason that you’re feeling stressed or “off”. The energy the healer puts into you can lift some of the negativity and leave you feeling much more relaxed. After a great reiki session, you may feel tired, but it’s well worth the time.

  2. It can reduce physical pain. Maybe not the pain from a broken bone or a dislocated joint, but it helps with things like back pain, migraines, headaches, muscle pain and much, much more. The energy the healer is putting in can take away some of the pain that you’re feeling, again causing you to feel more relaxed. Once feeling relaxed, the pain seems to be at ease for a while. In my experience, the practitioner was able to pinpoint exactly where the pain was, whether I informed them directly or not.

  3. Reiki can improve your focus and clarity. After a session, I’ve always felt much more relaxed – I know, that statement has been said three times now, but it’s the truth! Once relaxed, it’s easier to focus on what’s in front of me. I can understand what’s going on and can focus on the things that I need to focus on. It’s been so helpful on days when I don’t feel like I can handle the craziness surrounding me.

  4. Reiki can also open up the third eye chakra. It actually can help to unblock all of your chakras if they’re blocked, or even becoming blocked. Once that happens, it’s easier to see through manipulation, exaggerations and clears up the senses. After a session, I’ve been able to tell when a person is being dishonest with me, and when they’re being less than sincere.


As with all new-age healing techniques, there are skeptics everywhere. People may say that it’s a waste of time or money. In my personal experience, Reiki has been more helpful than some other types of therapeutic sessions. I’ve even had better luck with Reiki than I have with a Chiropractor! My suggestion, give it a try. Reiki is an amazing form of self-care, even if there’s another person helping out with it.

I’ve left Reiki sessions feeling relaxed, calm, focused, and more driven than before I walked through the door. In fact, even walking through the door has caused me to feel more at ease. Give it a try, you’ve got everything to gain!

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