In between trying to juggle work, finances, family, friends, chores, a social life, your social media account(s), we often neglect to find time for ourselves. In this modern day, busy age, we seem to be constantly running around chasing our tails, trying to make ends meet. In a society where self-love and self-care is the new age rage, we should be finding more time to stop and focus on us.

Below are 3 ways to help you pause from the daily grind and take some time for self-care to really treat your soul the way it deserves.

Find your sanctuary
In the daily hustle, we tend to be distracted by a number of things that are going on around us, and never truly stop to take time out for ourselves. When we find our sanctuary, we find a place that allows us to pause and reflect, blocking out the daily noise of our constant, busy schedules.

Find a place, any place where you feel most at peace. Whether on land, by the water, in nature, somewhere that calms your soul. Make it a daily or weekly ritual to ensure that you take a pause during your busy day to spend time really getting in touch with your soul. Quiet time, alone time, that will allow your surroundings to take over your thoughts, bringing peace and calm to your soul.

Food for thought and a happy you
We are such big advocates of being healthy, looking after ourselves, wellness, fitness etc. We see this everywhere around us, we follow popular social media pages that promote health and wellness, and we also try to incorporate it into our daily lifestyle. Sometimes, with a busy work/life balance, we truly don’t focus on what we are feeding our bodies. Are we nourishing them with nutritious foods that help supply energy and promote a happier, less sluggish, you?

Write down what you are eating on a daily basis, and write down how you feel after eating that particular food. This could help you become mindful of what you are putting into your body and also help you in determining which foods don’t make you feel well. Speak to a nutritional expert for advice.

Do things that make you smile
Put on some music and dance around the house. Not only is dancing a great stress reliever but also a great way to burn some calories. Step outside your front door, take a stroll and take in the beauty of nature. Go for a swim, a run, or workout session at the gym; or simply chill on the couch and indulge in your favorite shows with a tub of ice cream.

Catch up with friends or family, that reunion is long overdue, grab your favorite coffee, crank on the engine and take that long winding road drive. Whatever it is you do, make sure it makes you smile. Smiling is a great way to improve your mood and relieve stress. The most important thing is to focus on you, what makes you happy, what heals your soul.

Make it a daily affirmation to always remember to focus on you first. It is easier said than done, and some of us fail to practice this most of the time. But you won’t be able to look after anyone else or function at any rate if you don’t put your wellbeing first. In a world that is constantly on the run, every so often, put up the do not disturb sign and recharge!

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Ashourina’s love for writing started from a young age, always being one to doodle words on school books and paying most of her attention to her English teachers. She has a background in law and dispute resolution but spends her nights writing when she has spare time, in between playing Mum to 4 kids. What inspires her to write is the desire to send out hope and love into the world. She finds inspiration to be one of the main things we need in our daily lives, and of course, coffee too. Ash spent her whole life in Australia and made the leap 4 years ago to the U.S!

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