Why do something today when you can do it tomorrow? Especially if you arent feeling up to taking immediate action, or if you are simply too busy, then you might be tempted to procrastinate to another day.

However, the longer you wait, the greater the chances of harm to your life. This is especially true if you constantly make excuses as to why you should put things off until a later date, and never get round to actually doing those things that could ultimately benefit you!

So, listen up. It might be that you need to fight procrastination, especially if you can relate to any of the points we make here.

#1: Procrastination can hurt your health

Sure, you could get off your sofa and into exercise, but if there is something good on the TV, you might tell yourself that you will do so tomorrow. You might also decide to procrastinate over your health problems. If you’re feeling unwell, you might tell yourself that you could be feeling better tomorrow, so why bother the doctor with a visit today?

And if you suffer from any kind of addiction problem, you might naturally decide against inpatient or outpatient rehab if you lack the willpower to seek help for yourself. But the longer you procrastinate over those steps that could benefit your health, the worse you will feel down the line. So, tell yourself enough is enough, and do something about your health today instead of that imagined tomorrow. 

#2: Procrastination can damage your career 

You know you need to meet your deadlines, but if you have something better to do with your time, you might decide to get on with your work tomorrow. The upshot of this? The increased chances of you missing your deadlines, or a rush-job that means quality is sacrificed because of your procrastination.

You will then suffer the wrath of unhappy clients if you work for yourself, and a possible blow to your reputation. And if you work for an employer, you might miss out on your chances of a promotion. You might also procrastinate if you’re unhappy with your career.

If you decide to wait until you start feeling better about your job, you might miss out on job opportunities that could offer you far greater rewards. Be mindful then, and do what you need to do today instead of tomorrow. 

#3: Procrastination can lead to regrets

Using our previous points as examples, you will obviously have regrets later in life if your procrastination affects your health or career. But there are other regrets you might have to suffer, such as missing out on friendship opportunities because you haven’t bothered to make an effort to socialize with others.

You might regret the relationship you are in if you procrastinate over leaving a partner who might be unhealthy for you. And you might regret missing out on your bucket list dreams if you procrastinate over following them. In all kinds of ways, your life could be damaged because of procrastination, and you will only regret not taking action sooner when you come to understand the consequences of your inaction.


Today then, do whatever you need to do to improve your life. This could be better than putting things off until tomorrow, especially if, as the saying goes, tomorrow never comes!

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