The prevalence of online contracts and subcontracting work has allowed many people to sustain themselves with jobs in the comfort of their own homes, often working for agreeable clients. From SEO to freelance writing jobs to in-house staff writer positions online, freelance writing has become one of the most popular home jobs you can take part in, and also one of the most flexible.


Only a device with online connectivity is needed, and preferably a method of inputting your letters. This is of course preferably a keyboard, but if you’re excellent at writing content on your phone with speed and without spelling mistakes, this situation (despite being ill-advised,) could technically be possible.

However, despite the comfort and flexibility of the job, freelance writers always need to keep plenty in mind in order to build their reputation:


Learn The Suite

Learning the suite you’re working with can help you in the long run. Your text editor will likely keep a list of keyboards you can either memorize or change and when it comes to working with rapidity, this can save time, and help you keep both hands on the keyboard. Learn how to share access permissions and the issues that might cause you to submit documents without the correct availability for your client.

Learn the client’s preferred method of sharing documents, and sustain them multiple copies. Sign up for any cloud saving functionality to allow your work to be saved, but be sure to save local copies also. Learning the suite you’re working with can help you in many ways. This is important to know, because often the seeming simplicity of writing in a document can prevent writers from learning the full scope of the package they are working with, despite all of the features only existing to serve the person interfacing with them.

Care For Your Hands

As a writer, your hands are the most important tools to translate what you have to say – that is until the days of always perfect and well-formatted voice recognition is here. For now, caring for your hands is an incredibly important thing to consider. Ensure you know the bad practices that lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, ensure you purchase quality keyboards to type with (preferably with cherry MX switches, as these replicate the mechanical keys of old.) Take regular breaks, and lessen the force and frequency with which you type in certain dominant fingers. This is how touch typing is always a superior method of conducting your work.

Never Write For Free

It’s often the case that many writers will be happy to provide their services for ‘exposure.’ A sample copy is understandable but never write for free in the hopes of gaining a job unless the contract terms are clear about its volunteer contributions upfront.

With these simple tips, content writing in a freelance capacity could become a healthy and lucrative career for you.

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Jamie Sanders is a freelance writer for many media outlets. She married her soulmate and writer, Dennis Sanders. They live in Boston with their two dogs.

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