If you are emerging from the chaos of coronavirus and find that you have put on a few pounds from all of the comfort snacking, lack of exercise, and binge-watching Netflix, it’s time to get back on the fitness bandwagon. Many people don’t fancy heading to the gym just yet and are keener to experience a solo exercise plan.

While the pandemic is still ongoing, exercising outside is one of the safest ways to get your endorphin kicks. Seeking out a goal can help to focus your mind on more positive pursuits. Just because you have never run before or you get out of breath at the mere thought of a 5K, this doesn’t mean that you cannot begin marathon training.

While the 26-mile runs might be canceled at the moment, you can be prepared when they emerge once again and you can get fit and stay healthy in the process. Take a look at how you can fire up your marathon training.


Start Slow

If you have never jogged before, think about starting your training slowly. This is even more important if you’ve spent the past few weeks pretty sedentary. Think about following a 0 – 5K plan. There are plenty of apps online that can get you running a 5K with ease in eight weeks by ramping up your training sessions slowly. Walking, jogging, and running plans are combined to build up your stamina. Start too fast and just go for it, and you could end up losing your mojo very quickly and you could injure yourself.

Running injuries are very common, from shin splints to back muscle strains. If you are struggling with an injury, don’t plow on as you can do more harm. Instead, make an appointment with a chiropractor who specializes in sports injuries. They can help you to train in a more effective and less injury-inducing way.


Don’t just whip on your sneakers and shoot out the door, thinking that you can run for thirteen miles with ease. A decent pair of running shoes will do you the world of good and make jogging around your local area easier on your joints and muscles. Running shoes that are fit for purpose from companies like Nike, New Balance, and Reebok are designed to cushion your heel, provide support for your ankles, and limit the shock received by your knees.

This means any aches or niggles that you could encounter are prevented by your shoes. Consider a decent windbreaker jacket for cooler climates and don’t shun the lycra. It might feel like you are harking back to the eighties, but you will be more streamlined and comfortable when running.

Rope In A Pal

If you can’t find the motivation to go out in the cold wintry rain alone when trying to tick off another mile, rope in a pal. A friend can help spur you on when you feel low and can’t be bothered. By making it a more social thing to do, running will remain a pleasure rather than a chore.

Follow this simple guide and you can fire up your marathon running training.


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