Whether you are trying to lose weight, get a bit fitter or maintain your gorgeous figure, there is always something else you can do to improve your lifestyle. The only problem is that so many of the things you are advised to do simply can’t be maintained over a lifetime because, well, who wants to be on a diet forever?

So, the answer to getting a healthy lifestyle isn’t to make big changes or to put yourself on a diet. Instead, a few simple swaps could be all you need to achieve your goals without too much pain. Good habit forming is simple in principle so here are just 3 habits you might like to get into.

Swap Soda for Coconut Water

Coconut water is sweeping the nation at the moment and suddenly everyone is drinking it. The benefits of coconut water come from the higher levels of potassium as well as the lower calorie count than other soft drinks like soda and other benefits such as the power of cytokinins are still being researched.

The best coconut water to buy is completely natural and doesn’t require any further flavorings, additives or extra sugar. It just comes directly from the green coconut and is 95% water. Taking out soda and swapping in coconut water is the easiest way to enjoy a soft drink without any of the downsides.

Swap the Car for a Bike

Most people choose to drive to work every day – or take public transport – because it is the simplest and most efficient way to travel. The only problem is that as most of us are sedentary, traveling this way takes yet another opportunity to get exercise away.

If you live close enough to work, swapping a car journey for cycling to work is the first thing you can do to add some exercise into your day. Yes, it might take a little bit more time to travel, but you won’t need to pay for a gym membership on top and you can feel good about minimizing your environmental impact too. Add to this the fact that you will likely be in a much better mood and be able to concentrate better at work and you might just run out of reasons not to cycle!

Swap Crisps for Dried Fruit and Nuts

Snacks are way too easy to shovel in and unfortunately, a lot of snack foods are laden with fat, salt and sugar. Crisps are a good example as they tend to be full of additives and offer almost nothing in terms of vitamins or minerals. Crunch and they’re gone!

Dried fruit and nuts are a great substitute as they are satisfying to eat by the handful and offer plenty of vitamins and minerals too. Sites like Yummly offer a range of different trail mix combos that you will love – just pick your favorite nut to get started!

With just a couple of swaps, you can make a significant difference to your lifestyle. It doesn’t take too much effort, you won’t need to count calories and you will feel the difference. It’s all good.

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