Weddings mark a new beginning for couples. This (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime event draws in family and friends to celebrate the love of the bride and the groom. That’s why some people go all out with weddings. Remembering your wedding day perfectly—recorded in history by photographers and videographers, such as from—can be easier if you’ve turned your wedding into a majestic, enviable and memorable affair.

Take your wedding to the next level. With the start of the new decade comes new wedding trends to try and add to your very own.

Green is the New White

Environmentally friendly weddings are now becoming a thing, thanks to increasing sustainability awareness and education among people. Some even believe that reducing the carbon footprint can become the new wedding standard everyone can adhere to. You can pull off sustainable weddings by using recycled stationeries for invitations, holding the ceremony and reception to one place, choosing an outdoor location or even just by hiring caterers who source the food to be served locally.

Eco-friendly weddings can be a new way to celebrate a once-in-a-lifetime event without causing much disruption on the environment—perfect for the eco-conscious crowd.

Blue is the New Black

Color and design authority Pantone decided to pay homage to a classic and dub “Classic Blue” as their pick for Color of the Year. While most weddings will still adhere to more popular colors—or the couple’s favorites—expect 50 shades of blue to streak through this year’s nuptials. The versatility and coolness of the color blue can’t be understated. Mix and match with various colors and use varying shades of blue—navy, cornflower, turquoise or even royal blue.

Inclusive Menus for Everyone

Cater to those with specific food sensibilities, such as those with Celiac disease. Having an inclusive menu lets everyone partake in delicious meals without having to worry whether the food will give them an upset stomach or not. More caterers offer menu options that consider those with dietary restrictions, letting them enjoy the reception instead of just sticking to the salad bar. Not only that, for non-alcoholics, they can enjoy zero-proof cocktails over the cocktail bar.

Engage in a bit of Mystical

More and more people are getting hooked on spirituality and all things mystical. As such, weddings might see a surge in fortune-telling, tarot card and palm reading and aura paintings. Energy crystals and such might make an appearance to improve the atmosphere and stave off the negative emotions in the wedding and reception. The stars align for everything astrological; make your wedding more mystical.

Veil or No Veil

Indian star Priyanka Chopra chose to wear a supersized wedding veil in her wedding with Jonas Brothers guitarist Nick Jonas. The same goes with her friend, the Duchess of Sussex, in her wedding with Prince Harry. On the contrary, some brides are choosing to eschew tradition and completely skip wearing a veil, or at least not wear a veil over their faces. “It’s an important day and I can’t see,” says comedian IlizaSchlezinger in her stand-up special, Unveiled. “I don’t want to watch it through gauze.” You can look great either way—having a super-sized veil or none at all.

The year 2020 marks a new decade, a fresh beginning and new ways to celebrate the love between two people. Make your wedding extra special and memorable. Make the once-in-a-lifetime event a landmark moment every guest and witness will never forget.

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