Don’t wait for Valentines Day to show your partner you care. If you love them… show them!

  1. Recreate your first date.
  2. Leave a loving or encourage note on the mirror while they shower.
  3. Write a list of 10 things you admire about them and leave it where they can find it.
  4. Make a mixtape (can we say that in 2016?) for them with songs that are meaningful to your relationship.
  5. Ask your partner what their perfect day looks like, then do your best to create it for them.
  6. Set up a tent in the yard ( a blanket fort will work ) with blankets, pillows, and their favorite takeout meal.
  7. Get up before them and make them breakfast in bed.
  8. Surprise them with a clean car and a full tank of gas. Why not consider looking at Australia’s leading car cleaning and detailing products for your car, and help those little points that make the car special pop out and shine?
  9. Candle lit bubble bath… for them, or for both of you.
  10. Buy a book for them you’d think they’d enjoy.
  11. Play footsies with them under the table, in bed, or on the couch.
  12. Have a “blackout” night. Pretend the power is out, light some candles, put your phone away and spend time talking, playing games, massaging… you’ll think of something.
  13. Spontaneously slow dance. Have your phone ready with love songs when the mood strikes.
  14. Write the story of how you two first met with your perspective and give it to them.
  15. Surprise your partner by jumping in the shower with them.
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