Perspective Is Vital When Going Through A Tough Time, How Can We Achieve This?

We all go through difficult times. Whether the family unit is suffering due to divorce or separation, or there have been incidents beyond our control, a tough time means we can lose a sense of perspective.

When we go through any traumatic incident, we can feel like there is no letup, that there is no end in sight and as such. We have to remember that, regardless of the negativity we have in life, that there will always be some positives from it. During the process itself, we’ve got to have a sense of perspective. How can we do this?

There’s Always Someone Worse Off Than You

It’s something that our parents used to tell us, but we never believed them. And when we really go through a difficult time, realizing that there are others that are going through worse is a difficult thing to come round to, but when we do see it for ourselves, it becomes very sobering.

On there are various stories on the topic of divorce, and if you’re someone going through this yourself, despite all the pain and hurt you may be feeling, having that perspective that someone else is most definitely going through something worse gives you a sense of positivity- not necessarily in a selfish manner, but you can breathe a sigh of relief that you’re not going through that situation yourself.

There are people in the world that play the victim, that feel they are worse off than you. But when we think about it, does this really solve anything? It’s unlikely.

To Thine Own Self, Be True

When going through a difficult time, self-care is something we can neglect. But it’s that old idea; when the breathing masks come down in an airplane, we have to put ours on first before we can tend to others. Not because this is a selfish act, but if you are in perfect working condition, you can help others better.

This means that we’ve got to get into the habit of playing to our strengths, which is even more important during tough times. On there are some very simple, but effective, self-care practices. When going through something that tests our emotions, we can forget to give ourselves the most basic of needs.

But when we do look after ourselves effectively, it’s not the fact that we’re being selfish, it’s about the fact that we’re putting the right fuel into our bodies so we can function at our optimum. It’s not being selfish that you’re looking after yourself, it’s ensuring that you are working to your strengths.

Perspective is a very difficult thing to achieve when going through a difficult time, especially something that’s affecting you so directly. But what we have to remember is, regardless of the situation, we can heal from these traumas, grow from the grief, but also get some meaning from it. It never seems like it at the time, but when we are going through something that can really hurt we can learn so much from it.


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