For The Love Of Reading

If someone asked me what was the one thing I couldn’t live without I would say reading! I’ve grown up on a steady diet of books and I don’t plan to stop any time soon.

People often catch me reading and ask me why I bother reading. I have no answer besides, it makes me happy. Obviously I get stared at in a way which most likely means they think I’m weird. Honestly, I find people who don’t read weird. How do they survive? What do they do when it’s cozy and raining outside?

In today’s world we’re all so busy and have no time for ourselves. If by chance we do manage to spare some time, it’s often spent in the world of social media. Not many people read for pleasure anymore. Reading should definitely make a comeback of sorts, especially in the current stressful environment we live in where there are deadlines to meet and things to do. Books are like an alternate universe, they transport the reader into the writer’s world allowing him a respite however brief, from his chaotic life. They are the perfect way to relax and unwind.

Books should feature not only in the lives of adults but also in the lives of children. Modern times have robbed today’s children of the joys of reading. The only time they read is when they have to. They’re often busy playing virtual games or on social media. Even when it comes to famous franchises like the Harry Potter series or the Twilight saga, some of the so called “fans” haven’t read the books. If they would have, they would have realised that no movie can possibly capture the sheer beauty of the images the words paint in your mind. While reading “P.S I Love You”, I remember choking up and having my throat ache from all the un-shed tears until I finally gave in to them.

We need to reintroduce reading to our children. As a child on the 3rd grade, my teacher Aunt Bertha often read to us and we used to wait with bated breaths for the next chapter. She even started a reading competition to see who could read the most number of books throughout the year and it worked! We read a lot! A little competition can go a long way. I’d always liked reading but I believe she gave me the all important nudge I needed to LOVE reading. Mrs. Bertha Hachinsky is one of my childhood heroes!

Reading for just the love of reading is glorious, I recommend it to everyone!

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For The Love of ReadingFor The Love of ReadingFor The Love of Reading

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Karishma R.K

Karishma R.K writes under the pseudonym of Phoenix Mode. She holds a degree in Law and describes herself as a lover of words, books, and animals. Karishma believes writers put a fragment of their soul in all that they write; bleeding their hearts and minds onto paper. Writing is something she started later in life, but doesn't plan to stop anytime soon.

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