Finding Joy in Each Season of Parenthood

One of the wonderful things about becoming a parent is the opportunity to walk through each stage of childhood and to use my past experiences as a way to connect with my children.

Pregnancy and raising infants seem like such a long time ago, but I tend to look back at that stage the most as my kids approach adulthood. Throughout all of the sleepless nights and all of the mistakes turned into lessons, I had the privilege of being there for them and of bonding with them.

Once they reached school age, I was fortunate to teach two of my three children how to read. I was able so spend more hours of quality time that not all parents get. It fascinated me at how quickly they learned and at how lucky I was to have a part in their education.

Adolescence has not been the challenge I thought it would be. If anything, it has helped me to grow closer to my kids. Not only do I have two sons whose accomplishments astound me and a daughter who surprises me on a regular basis on how far she has surpassed my younger self at that stage of life. I also have the honor of another son and daughter who I see blossom every day before my eyes. I get to play a part in the lives of five children with whom I have been blessed.

Above all, I have become grateful for my parents and parents-in-laws for being such wonderful examples to me and to my husband. Without them, I would have felt so lost and so helpless in this wonderful part of the journey of life: parenthood.

Finding Joy in Each Season of Parenthood

Notes of Nostalgia: 
For each babe in her womb, 
she spun an intricate collection of melodies, 
song of love dedicated to three unborn souls. 
Before each baby was born,
I would sing a special song to him or her,
combining two of my greatest loves:
parenthood and music.

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Araceli has a background in music education and rediscovered her love for poetry after meeting her muse. A resident of Alabama, she divides her free time between her family and her writing. Her poems are listed under the name A.M. Ream on the social media sites she manages.

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