Writers You Should Know: Phoenix Mode

Welcome to part two of our series, “Writers You Should Know”. We’re so happy to introduce to you, Karishma R.K aka Phoenix Mode. I have tremendous respect for writers who put themselves out there. Please show Karishma some love!

Writers you should know: Phoenix Mode“My name is Karishma R.K and I write under the pseudonym of Phoenix Mode. I hold a B.L.S/L.L.B. (law) degree, a diploma in cyber law and have also completed a certificate course in Criminal Investigation, Criminal Trial and Criminal Jurisprudence.

Born on 14th June 1991,in the city of Mumbai(India) I’ve had a mixed education with elementary spent in a missionary school in Indonesia and later the Indian educational system. I believe this has helped me evolve a person.

Writing is something that’s very new to me. I wrote two stories 2 years back and left it at that.

But somehow when I had my heart broken I turned to writing. Initially it was the writings of others. I felt reassured that I wasn’t the only one feeling the way I did. Their writings were a source of comfort.

But slowly I was inspired to start writing myself and in a way writing eventually helped me heal. That’s when I realised the power words hold.

I now write for pleasure. It makes me happy. I write of love and loss; of attraction an depression. Sometimes it’s just an imaginary situation or my favourite six word stories. The concept of six word stories isn’t mine. I write them because I like the challenge. I enjoy writing and I hope you like my work.” –  Karishma

Writers You Should Know: Phoenix Mode

Phoenix Mode








“Love enters your life when you least expect it. It barges in. Soothing fears you never knew existed… Breaking down barriers and laying claim your heart. Oh, when love comes… You’ll know” – Phoenix Mode

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