Do You Have Trouble Letting Go? This is for You.

I’m so sorry you’re hurting. We’ve all been there, that feeling when you thought you’ve let go and moved on, but your heart breaks open again. All those emotions pouring into your chest, anger, sadness, hurt, guilt… the ones you’ve bottled up, or the ones you THOUGHT you let go of. You’re wondering how to let go, you’re searching for answers. It’s not simple, it’s not something that happens overnight, but you’re going to get through this… one day at a time.


You NEED to forgive yourself. If you knew better, you would have done better. Sometimes we make bad choices, sometimes other people’s bad choices hurt us. Sometimes we blame ourselves for the hurt we feel. But you can find a positive message in this. Find that point when you realized you’re better than whatever you were going through. You got it? THAT moment was a turning point in your life, a shedding of the old you, a rewiring of your brain. Look how badass you are! Be proud of yourself. Be proud of your ability to grow.


I have written in a previous article about the best advice I’ve ever received, ask yourself, “Does this help, or hurt?”, when confronted with negative feelings and choices. Find the things that help. Find the things that nourish your heart and soul, surround yourself with the people and things that make your soul happy.


Letting go is a daily action of self-love. It’s realizing that you have the power and choice to feed your mind with positivity, or exhaust yourself in the torment of “should’ve been”, “could’ve been”, “would’ve been”.


You are worth more than living a life in the past. Remember your ability to grow, and make healthy choices to live in the now.

 Do You Have Trouble Letting Go? This is for You.  Do You Have Trouble Letting Go? This is for You.


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