Timeless Truths That Offer Wisdom In The Modern Age

In the run up to the festive season, it can often be a time to reflect on the year that we have already had and the things that have happened. Thinking about what has gone well and also what hasn’t gone as well can be a good way to go into the new year. We can make changes and adjust to make sure that we are living our best, more serene, and happiest lives. Even when some circumstances are difficult, we can be happy with what is going on. So here are some thoughts or truths to think about as we go into the season of goodwill, to help us have a good year ahead.  

Acceptance Isn’t Laziness

I often think of the serenity prayer and that we want strength to accept the things that we can’t change, as well as courage to change the things that we can. But the first sentence really strikes me; strength to accept the things that we can’t change. There may be certain situations that we find ourselves in that we can’t do a lot about. But our reaction to it can make all of the difference. We should also think about the word strength in there too. It isn’t lazy to accept the circumstances. In many cases, it requires strength to accept those things as they are, not weakness. So embrace the things that you can’t control, while taking control of the things that you can.


Change Where Change Is Possible

Speaking of which, change is very possible in many areas of our life. From our attitude to our physical appearance, we can change things about ourselves in order to feel happier about life and about ourselves. In many ways, life is too short. So embrace the things that you want to change and change them. It might be that you’ve wanted to have your teeth sorted for a long time. In that case, book an appointment with someone like Peter Hoffmann, DMD, PC to do just that. You might want to try a certain hairstyle or color; then do just that. Give it a try! You might also think about other things in life like your attitude or attributes that you want to have. Make a plan today to help you to be able to achieve them.


Trials Can Be Good For You

Although I’m sure that none of us will want to hear it at the time, but trials can be good for you. Having to go through hardships can put things much more easily into perspective, as well as help you to be able to feel true joy. If there wasn’t ever any sadness, then would ever feel happiness? It seems like you can’t have one without the other. So view your trials as obstacles, rather than the end of the world. They are just something you have to face, get over, and deal with. Then when you have gone through it and come out of the other side of it smiling, you can learn from what has happened. It can teach you so it doesn’t happen again, or help you to teach others.

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