Thoughts Winter Brings to Mind

The other day I was scrolling through our A Better Today Media  Instagram feed and came across a post by our friend, Stacie. She posted a picture of her little boy looking out at the first snow of the season. My first reaction was, No. Please, God. No. Don’t be snowing, I’m not ready. And then it hit me… this beautiful little toddler was experiencing the first snow of the season with WONDER. I want to look outside with wonder! 

My love/hate relationship with the cold is complicated. I enjoy the colder weather because of the oversized sweaters, hot tea/coffee, reading a book while watching the snow fall, listening to music, writing… but I really don’t like being in it. I used to spend all day in the snow when I was little – building snowmen, igloos, forts… snow days were the best days. I’d sit right on top of the heater, a blanket on my legs, pump up the heat full blast (sorry for the heating bill mom) sip hot chocolate and stare out the window.

I commented on her post. Got up from my warm chair, looked out the window and smiled. The way the snow was glistening in the lights, it was a soft and poetic snowfall. It reminded me of Christmas Eve growing up. When I was 10 I started my own tradition of walking in the neighborhood at night… silent night, empty streets, snow falling gracefully to the ground… it was cold but I didn’t mind, I was experiencing and taking it all in: the smells, the lights, the flakes… magical.

Winter brings a lot to mind – but this year, I am reminded, thanks to that little dude, to experience winter like I used to.


Thoughts Winter Brings To Mind

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