Metabolism: The Superhero That Needs Your Help

Pretty much everyone has heard the word ‘ metabolism’ floated around at some point. They may even know that a good metabolism is good for you. However, not many people actually know what this metabolism-thingy of yours is actually doing.

To put it in metaphorical terms, it is like having a superhero inside your body that tirelessly strives to rid the streets of evil (read: burn calories and shed fat). Essentially, the faster your metabolism works the more calories and fat you burn.

Here are some top tips on how you can boost your metabolism so that it works harder for longer:

  1. A Balanced Breakfast is The Best

For your entire childhood, throughout your teenage years and right up to the minute you left home, your mom was always telling you that a balanced breakfast is the most important meal of the day and, guess what, she was right. In terms of your metabolism, by skipping breakfast, you are forcing your body to go into survival mode, in which your metabolism slows down in order to conserve your energy.

  1. Coffee Is Good But Not Great

For those that are more useless than a chocolate fire grate until they have had their first sip of java, you can finally throw a party because fully-loaded coffee is known to boost people’s metabolism by fifteen percent more than decaf drinkers. However, that doesn’t make it the best option, as likes to prove. Yup. There are tea-drinks that have been specifically designed to boost your metabolism, so if slimming down really is on your to-do list then so should a morning slurp.

  1. Feel the Burn When You Workout

The next time you hit the gym, you may want to focus a couple of sessions on strength training. This will trick your body into burning more calories because you’ll have to exert a lot more energy, something that is known to reverse the slowing-down periods of your metabolism by half. This could well be music to your ears if you are getting slightly older and finding it harder to get rid of that, you know, podge.

  1. Excuse Your Cheat Days With Calcium

As Oscar Wilde infamously said, “I can resist everything except temptation.” And we can empathize. Cheesy French fries are just too hard to say no too. However, even if you do catch yourself snacking on the unfavorable, you can make up for your indulgence by snacking on calcium-high foods – milk, low-fat yogurt, kale, broccoli etc. As explains, this is because foods that are high in calcium are known to help your body burn fat more effectively. Oh, and just so you know, the supplement versions don’t work, at least not anywhere near as well.

  1. Fish Oil And Exercise

Yes, you read that right. To really ramp up your fat-burning abilities, you should combine your regular exercise with fish oil tablets as this is what will awaken your metabolism and the enzymes that like to chow down on your fat. Six grams a day should be more than enough if you exercise regularly.

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