The Meaning of Fear in Our Lives

“Why does fear exist?” is a question I have heard asked and asked myself in so many different forms over the years. We ALL fear something little or small whether it be Clowns, Thunder, Heartbreak or my own personal demon that is the fear of failing. Fear exists in SO MANY entities and I’m sure everyone would agree with me when I say that it sucks!

But then I stop for a moment and think about why fear ACTUALLY exists. The most logical reason I could come up with is that it exists so we as people can better ourselves. The fear of clowns continues to exist because big shot Hollywood movie makers continue to make money scaring the life out of us with clowns that constantly get scarier and scarier, but it still fits under what I am saying.

Obstacles exist in life for 2 reasons; to make life hard and then to make it easy again. Fear is one of these obstacles. Fear makes us do all kinds of things in reaction to respective fears. I’ve seen some of the most confident people I have ever known break down because of fear. Fear quite commonly makes people weak, however (trying not to sound TOO cliché here) what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

Little by little fear chips away at us, but each day we refuse to give in we get that little bit stronger. Like we grow immune to sickness we too can grow immune to fear. Some fears we may never completely grow out of but we can be less susceptible to it. To this day I am still scared of loud unexpected noises, but I don’t run away from it like I used to. It still scares me but I am able to stand there, confront it and cover my ears. It took time but I was able to better myself and make a change. It’s not a complete change but it’s still something.
Eventually, whether we have overcome the fear or not we are able to impart our newfound knowledge on someone else. As much as we don’t want to admit it, fear is natural and can help us as much as it breaks us down.

meaning of fear

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