Keep Your Brain Young As You Age

Aging brings with it complications. The one thing everyone wants to avoid is mental deterioration. We’ve all seen people who have Alzheimer’s or dementia and they aren’t the same. In many ways, it’s easy to feel pity and see yourself in their eyes. If you reach a certain age, do you want to be oblivious to life? Usually, the answer is no. Humans want to get involved from the first minute to the last. A mental disorder makes it harder and ruins what may be the best years of your life.

The key is to keep the brain young while the rest of the body ages. Here’s how to hit the target.


Mental Stimulation

The mind gets weaker as cells die. When this happens, diseases take hold of the brain a lot easier than before. Part of Alzheimer’s care is to prevent the cells from deteriorating in the first place. Or, the next best thing is to build up a contingency plan so that there are new ones to take over when the inevitable happens. Think of it like the teeth of a Great White shark. One break and then another takes its place. Anything from reading, being aware of brain fitness tips, to complete puzzles can stimulate the brain to make more and create a reserve.


Eat Better

Diet is a major part of good mental health. Studies show that people who eat a Mediterranean-style diet are less likely to develop problems in later life. Sadly, fresh fish and olive oil-soaked veggies aren’t common American cuisine. Deep-fried burgers are, and junk food has the opposite effect. Leafy greens such as kale and spinach contain vitamins A through F and back again. Plus, they help to relieve stress too. There’s a reason they’re called brain food. Eating better now is a way to look after your brain in the future.


Pump Iron

And we’re not talking the mental kind here, like completing a crossword puzzle. Going to the gym is a huge aid as it firstly lowers cholesterol and blood pressure so red cells can get around the body easier. And, they’ll contain more oxygen when they reach the brain. Animals that exercise often tend to increase the number of blood vessels carrying oxygen to the brain. Last but not least, working out seems to sharpen the connection between synapses in mind. As a result, people are quicker and on point and not struggling to recall information or formulate sentences.


Protect The Head

It isn’t as if people wonder around hitting their head constantly. Major incidents rarely happen, thankfully, but the small to medium ones are harmful also. Pretty much anything that impacts the brain is going to kill off cells. If they occur on a semi-regular basis, then the production of new cells isn’t going to be as effective. So, watch your head when walking through doors and wear a helmet while cycling. Also, keep the airbags switched on in the car and drive as safely as possible.

As the saying goes, you’re only as old as you feel. How old does your brain seem?

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