It’s Time to Let Go of The Toxic People in Your Life

Sometimes you must let people go because their pieces no longer fit. This departure is for the betterment of your energy, your space and your precious life.

For example, when someone’s main desire is to build their ego, while you are busy working on your soul the result is disharmony. The collaboration of ego and soul causes discord and strife, stifling your own personal evolution. There are a multitude of reasons for the necessary removal of people from your life, if the dynamic of relationship no longer works no matter how many attempts to make it so.

You know in your heart if a relationship is toxic, choking the life from you. Be free of guilt attached to letting go. Learn to accept that some people are not meant to be forever in your sacred space, that this outgrowth is natural in your life’s progression.

The ones you are removing served a purpose, and for that you and they are blessed, but their time in your life, and yours in theirs, has expired. Keeping toxic relationships alive only hurts you, much of the time, even the other person. Sever unhealthy ties without reproach or guilt, smile and continue on your life’s journey.


About Author

Melody Lee

Melody is a writer and poet with a background in English Literature and degree in marketing and management. She worked for years as a paralegal in a busy law firm, managed a department store, and managed a multi-million dollar business. Melody currently runs several social media sites and writes vigorously every day. She is an avid reader, power-walker, foodie and collector of adventures. Melody recently published her debut poetry book, Moon Gypsy, available on Amazon, and is currently working on two more book projects.

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