Is Your Mouth As Healthy As It Could Be?

Mouth health is something a lot of people miss out on. Roughly 50% of older people in the United States like to skip their bi-annual check up that would do them the world of good to attend. Looking after your teeth, tongue, and gums is easy when we have regular maintenance and a good diet, so here’s some tips on keeping your mouth health top notch. Of course, you should be regularly visiting someone like a Dentist Marlborough in order to ensure that your teeth are always getting the correct amount of care.

How Much You Should Brush

This can vary from toddlers to adults, but the main theme is to brush twice a day. Once before bed, to make sure you don’t fall asleep with excess bad bacteria lingering in your mouth, and at one other time throughout the day. This is up to you, but most people like to do it before breakfast (if only to get rid of the morning breath problem!).

The best paste to use is that of fluoride past, as this provides plenty of protection for our enamel. Similarly, you can spit when you’re done, but don’t rinse after brushing, as this very easily removes the protection we just took the time to brush on.

Cut Acidic, Sugary Drinks Out of Your Diet

Acid and sugar are two of the worst things for your teeth. So when soda and the like is the worst kind of thing you can put in your mouth due to the sugar content innate in most kinds, you’re going to need to cut down on the intake if you have more than one can a day. Of course you can drink some diet versions, but a lot of people can’t stand that idea, and let’s face it, they’re not exactly good for your diet either.

Speaking of the acid, the amount of carbonated fluid you can drink doesn’t help your teeth either. The acid in fizzy drinks, namely citric acid, removes the enamel from your teeth and makes the structure a lot softer and easier to wear away. That’s not a desirable effect for our mouths, as we need teeth to chew, talk, and swallow properly! Do your mouth an early favor in your younger years and cut out those sugary and fizzy items we love to indulge in and don’t skip your biannual Dentist Wellington appointments.

Turn to Your Family’s Needs

Family dentist trips can be a hassle. We try to book everyone in at the same time but often that doesn’t work out, and making repeated trips with nervous people in the back doesn’t make anyone feel good.

If you’re a proud parent or you know there’s someone in your family who needs a trip to the dentist, contact a special pediatric dentist to deal with their teeth trip worries and subsequent needs. It’s likely that any children are a little scared of someone who puts weird instruments in their mouths, even as adults we know that’s something to be wary of, so this can make a checkup trip a lot easier.

Your mouth is the fastest healing place in your body, but that doesn’t mean it can go without some TLC.

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