Festive Teeth Tips To Help Your Pearly Whites Stay White This Christmas

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat!

But it’s not only the geese that are being prepared for Christmas dinner. There’s also lots of people busy baking mince pies, Christmas puddings, Christmas cakes, and many other festive treats to go on the supermarket shelves. That might be good to hear, but there is one part of you that isn’t looking forward to this festive feast quite as much… and that is your teeth! Your teeth will get a battering this Christmas because of the increase in sugary foods at meals. That’s not to say you can’t be proactive and book yourself in for a festive whitening treatment somewhere like Oak Street Dental before the party season begins of course! However, if you follow all of these tips, you can help them stay pearly white throughout December.

See Your Dentist Now

Try and get an appointment to see your dentist in the next couple of weeks. Dentist practices, such as Lilac Family Dental will be very busy in December and might have reduced opening times in between Christmas and New Year. It’s like Dr. Cooke, an emergency dentist in Raleigh, NC, says, if you see them now, they can treat any small issues that might end up becoming bigger problems. To save yourself from needing an emergency appointment over the holiday period, it’s a good idea to get checked out now with your local family dentist.

Tuck Into The Cheese Board

You will have a difficult choice at the end of most meals over Christmas: do you want a sweet dessert or would you prefer the savour cheese board? Your teeth will definitely thank you if you pick the cheese board! The sugar levels in cheese and biscuits are a lot lower compared to those in Christmas cakes and puddings. So, try not to be tempted over to the sweet side – think of your teeth and go with the savoury option!

Stick To Your Routine

You will have a lot of social engagements and parties over the festive season, but that’s no reason to forget about your usual dental hygiene routine. You should make sure that you are still brushing your teeth twice a day. Don’t skip a clean just because you get home late very late after a party and are desperate for bed! You will definitely regret it when your teeth start to stain.

Moderation Is Key

Don’t panic; it’s perfectly fine to indulge in a mince pie and a mug of hot mulled wine over Christmas. That is, as long as you remember to enjoy everything in moderation. The odd pie, piece of cake, and sugary drink won’t do much damage to your teeth. Just don’t overdo it every day! Of course, this piece of advice isn’t only to help protect your teeth – it can also maintain your weight throughout the festive season! If you think that you do overdo it one day, it’s worth using some whitening toothpaste while you brush.

You need to make sure that your teeth don’t take the brunt of all the sugary treats this festive season. Thankfully, all the above tips can help them stay white until January!

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