Checkups to Keep Your Health in Check

As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure and so it makes sense to keep everything running smoothly rather than waiting for things to go wrong. One way you can go about this is by attending all of your health checkups, since these will spot problems early on action can be taken before they get worse. Here are a few of the checkups you should book in if you’ve not been for a while.


Our eyes are windows to our health, and having a checkup at the optician can reveal more than just how good your vision is. There are lots of health conditions which can show in the eyes before symptoms even occur. If you’re having your eyes checked and getting the all clear, you’re also getting the all clear from a number of health issues if there are no early indicators. Even if you don’t wear glasses and your vision appears to be fine, it’s recommended that you go and see an optician every two years to check everything is in order.

Hearing Specialists

As we age our hearing can decline, if you find you’re having to turn the tv up loud and ask people to repeat themselves often then it’s time to go for a hearing test. You could be losing your hearing, these days hearing aids are so discreet no one will even know you’re wearing one. Ear problems can also come in the form of infections or hearing issues like tinnitus. Speaking to a hearing specialist will be able to highlight any issues and they will come up with a plan of action with treatment.


A beautiful smile is an attractive asset, and something that both men and women find attractive in a partner. Beautiful teeth give you confidence, but they of course need to be healthy to be functional too. Breaking, erosion, chipping, abscesses- there’s plenty that can go wrong with our pearly whites. An austin cosmetic dentist offers everything from emergency to cosmetic dentistry so it’s worth bookmarking a few places in your area if you’re due a dentist visit. Your dentist will be able to spot plaque, decay and other problems in the early stages before it becomes worse and more painful- not to mention expensive; so don’t neglect to go to your upcoming appointment with your Dentist Manchester and make sure you’re booking yourself in for regular checkups.

GP Health Check

An annual health check to test for things like blood sugar, check your blood pressure, urine and weight are all useful. Again these can be early indicators of other diseases so screening and checking rules out things and you won’t end up with a nasty surprise later down the line. Some people can be embarrassed when it comes to talking about symptoms they may have. They can even brush it off as not being important. The earlier you speak about any symptoms you have, the easier it is for the doctor to get a diagnosis. For example, if you have symptoms of an overactive bladder and you want to take the next step in treating this, you could look into a clinic like Advanced Urology to help understand what you are going through and assist you with any necessary treatments you may have to undergo. You will feel at ease knowing that there will be a solution to your problem.

In the case of things like pre-diabetes, these can be reversed and since the symptoms are subtle the only way you’re likely to know you have it is through testing. Develop full blown diabetes and you might be on medication for life. Your GP will recommend you have any screenings that you need doing too- for women a cervical screening every one to three years is usually required. For older men, a prostate screening can help to rule out cancer.

Do you make a habit of attending all your health checks?

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