Behavioral Scientist Steve Maraboli Partners with Clean Recovery Centers

Editors note: Comment taken from Steve Maraboli’s Instagram and Facebook with permission.

“With all the talk surrounding Mental Health, it’s difficult not to want to help everyone… but I have to start somewhere. I am proud to say that I have teamed up with Clean Recovery Centers in Tampa, Florida to create and shape a highly effective Recovery Program designed to maximize the individual experience and ensure lasting results.

The same behavioral methodologies that I have successfully used around the globe to impact and enhance countless lives, will be adapted to develop what I envision to be the world’s most effective rehabilitation and recovery program available.

Clean Recovery Centers already has an unmatched reputation in dealing with addiction. Now, with this partnership… it’s a GAME-CHANGER! Great things ahead and many lives surely enhanced with these exclusive programs. A healthy and empowered life awaits… Let’s do it!!” – Steve Maraboli

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