An Inside Look at Creative Types

Our mission as artists is to make you feel something. We try to inspire you because life is difficult enough and any art form is an escape from the mundane.

Being creative can also mean being misunderstood.

If you are a creative type you will probably relate to this statement in a heartbeat. I truly believe that creative people do feel more misunderstood than “normal” people. And when I say normal people I mean non-creative types. Because being creative puts you in a whole other class of “not normal”, trust me.

There can be a few reasons why others may not understand and view creative people as “different”. Maybe it’s because creative types think “outside the box”. Most often they are unaware that a box even exists. They can be viewed as a threat to society only because they think and act differently from everyone else, therefore, you can be perceived as a threat to the normal “order of things”. Regardless, creative people are necessary in this world. We view art as freedom. We bend life a bit, make you see things you wouldn’t normally see. We are the misfits of society but to us we don’t ever want to fit in or do what everyone else is doing anyway.

We are curiosity driven and we will ask the dangerous questions everyone else is too afraid to ask, to seek out the truth and to understand and learn from everything around us. We never stop exploring our feelings, our truths, our emotions, we feel with our whole hearts and express this in an artistic format whether it’s painting, music, writing, poetry, etc. Artists are not in touch with reality. We may tend to live in a fantasy world in order to create. The rest of the world may view us as dreamers but we have visions and in these visions there is hope. This is what we try to convey to others, that there is always hope. And most importantly, artists are not afraid to live. We are passionate about life and we will risk heartache just to feel alive.

Our mission as artists is to make you feel something. We try to inspire you because life is difficult enough and any art form is an escape from the mundane.

“We get you to look at things differently. There is acceptance in art. We can be your voice when you are unable to find your own. We bring light to an otherwise darkened world. We try to make it a little softer, a little more beautiful. We are the artists, the poets, the dreamers of this world.”

“But poetry, beauty, romance, love…this is what we stay alive for.” – Dead Poets Society

About Author

N.R. Hart

N.R. Hart started writing poetry at a young age and used her poetry as a way to express her innermost thoughts and emotions. A true romantic at heart, she writes feelings of love, hope, passion, despair, vulnerability and romance in her poetry. She was excited to publish her first poetry book “poetry and pearls” romantic poetry volume 1 by N.R. Hart in December 2015, which is currently available on Amazon. Hart is currently working on volume 2 of "Poetry and Pearls" to be released in early winter. She is also very excited to announce she will be working on children's book of poetry. All N.R. Hart's books will be available for purchase through Amazon

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