Adapt to Change or Get Left Behind

If I’ve learned anything from life, it’s that nothing goes exactly as planned. You can have the best intentions, a foolproof plan, an awesome work ethic… but if you’re not adapting, refining, and improving that plan, you’re going to hit a wall that you’re not prepared for.

Charles Darwin said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.

It’s okay to change the plan as you go. Life happens. Pick yourself up, adjust your plan, and keep moving forward.

I am in the business of change. It’s not always gradual, sometimes it’s a daily change. Algorithms change, people change, demographics change, hashtags change… you get the point. If I was following the same business plan I had 5 years ago I would have been left behind, and my clients would have dead accounts. “It’s not the strongest… it’s the one most adaptable…”

Get used to the idea that change is a good thing. The size of the wall you hit, (yes, you WILL hit walls) will depend on your perception. If you’re not prepared for change the wall can appear 3x bigger than you. If you ARE prepared, it could be a stepping stone. Keep your goals updated daily. Keep your head up, and keep moving forward.

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Stephanie is President of A Better Today Media & Publishing. She's a Social Media Director, Media & Events Coordinator, Social Media Consultant, and Executive Producer.

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