A Writer’s Perspective: You Are Never Alone

When asked to think of topics to write about the first thing that popped in my head was, where to begin? And because there are so many things to write about in life, I wanted to start at the very beginning. 

You see, everything in life is writeable. A writer doesn’t really have to work hard to come up with topics when they can simply can go out and experience the many facets of life. They then write about what they see, hear and feel.

There are some of us that feel things on a deeper level as if we are spiritually connected to the universe. Does this mean we are inherently writers? Not necessarily, as there are many creative outlets for those that are deeply connected and have a need to share their message with others out there. And whether they are artists or not, they all possess an overwhelming desire, a need to help others and ease their pain.

nrhartemptyThe one thing that binds the human race together is the commonality of its people. We all have much the same thoughts, the same fears and the same problems. A writer basically wants you to know you are not alone. We try to capture certain feelings and emotions and put them down on paper in hopes that someone will read them someday.

It is helpful to others to realize that someone else felt the very same thing in much the same way. This can be a powerful feeling to a human being knowing that they don’t feel so alone in the universe with their feelings, their thoughts and their problems. People want to be seen, heard and ultimately understood. There is comfort in being understood, because there is nothing worse than feeling alone in this great big universe.

Words can connect people, bring them together and heal them. We all want to feel like we aren’t the only ones going through something and we take comfort in knowing we aren’t alone. Even if you are going through some painful things in your life, as many of us are at some point and whatever your problems may be, someone somewhere may be going through it also. And, quite possibly they are writing about it.

Just know this, you are never alone.

About Author

N.R. Hart

N.R. Hart started writing poetry at a young age and used her poetry as a way to express her innermost thoughts and emotions. A true romantic at heart, she writes feelings of love, hope, passion, despair, vulnerability and romance in her poetry. She published her first book of poetry “Poetry and Pearls” Romantic Poetry volume 1 by N.R. Hart in December 2015. Hart's second book "Poetry and Pearls" Romantic Poetry volume II was released in December 2018. Her newest book and first hardcover "Love Poems to No One" was released in February 2019. She is currently working on a trilogy of this book with 2 more books to follow later this year. She is also excited to announce she will be working on children's book of poetry in the near future. All N.R. Hart's books are available for purchase through Amazon and Barnes & Noble book stores worldwide.

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