7 Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

Relationships aren’t always what you see in romantic comedies. In fact, they’ll likely create unhealthy expectations. How many connections have you quickly ended because they didn’t meet your relationship checklist? In no way am I suggesting to settle, but if you have “the perfect” mate in mind, no one will meet those expectations.

Love is undefinable, it’s a feeling, it’s a verb… it’s something you are, it’s something you do. If you define what love is before you feel it, you are likely to miss out on some amazing connections and experiences.

Of course, there is not a definite sign… you just “know when you know” as the saying goes. For the sake of the article, and my gimmicky writing nature, here are 7 signs of a healthy relationship…

1. They inspire you to be your best self.
2. You have healthy communication.
3. You’re both committed to the relationship.
4. You’re best friends.
5. You’re honest with each other.
6. You grow as individuals, and as a couple.
7. You want the best for each other.

There is a reason why I didn’t add a description for each sign. I don’t need to tell you what honesty looks like, or what healthy communication looks like.  If you have it you know it, and if you don’t… well, that’s for you to decide when to turn the page or close the book.

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